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The Shadow Of The Phoenix - Walktrough Guide

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I. Revision History
II. Introduction
III. Hints and Tips
IV. Walkthrough
A. Blackwater Coast - Order Of Dawn character
B. City of Souls - Breath Of Winter character/New character
1. Onyx Shores
2. Empyria
3. Dryad Cove
4. Red Wastes
5. City of Souls
6. Raven Pass
7. Blazing Stones
8. Colosseum
9. Kathai
10. Clockwork Crypt
11. Darkwind Keep
12. City Of Souls part 2
13. Gorge
14. Bone Temple

V. Last Words


7/16/14 v1.0
- FAQ started
- Added Introduction
- Added locations 1-23
- Added Hints and Tips and Last words

[NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
noted as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision if it gets to that will
be version 1.3]


I recently started playing the Spellforce series and really had fun with
it but I noticed there wasn't much on the internet about the game in terms of
walkthroughs and info. Some of the host sites are not working anymore, and
the JoWood websites not updating, with minimal forums. So I decided to put
up a FAQ/Walkthrough to help players some.

This Walkthrough is for the 3rd Spellforce game Shadow of the Phoenix. You
can start off in 2 different areas depending on if you create a new character
or import from one of the first 2 games (Order of Dawn/Breath of Winter). I
will walk you through each version. My walkthrough imports my warrior Avatars
from the previous games so I will be noting that, you'll have to adjust your
gameplay if your not following my first 2 walkthroughs.

If you are starting a new character, I suggest a heavy warrior, Sadly you
cannot create your own, but have to choose from a pre-set group. Of course
they are badly designed and you'll have to adjust them to be more productive.
Pick the Heavy warrior, he is skilled in blades and blunt weapons. Ignore
leveling his blunt weapons any during the game just concentrate on his 4
main combat areas.

Heavy combat arts
Heavy blade weapons
Heavy armor

You want to first level up Light combat arts to 2, in order to get those
2 special abilities. Then level up Elemental and Ice magic to minimal of 2
each so you can use Ice Shield. I suggest leveling both to 5.

Now, the reason we will take 2 levels of Light Combat Arts are to pick up
the valuable skills. Taking levels higher than this do not grant you anymore
skills of value. You will still have a couple extra skill points left over
from your main 4 combat skills. Most low level magic abilities aren't really
beneficial to your character, but there are a few that are. The main one that
is very useful at low levels is ICE MAGIC. A ICE SHIELD will surround your
character with a ice shield that lasts a good time and has a chance to freeze
foes hitting your character. As a low level magic ability, this magic is
VERY valuable all through the game, as it works against any level foe.

Starting out try and get your intelligence and Wisdom to 35, Agility to 37,
Dexterity 40, then all the rest into your main 2 stats, strength and stamina.
When your finished you should be close to level 50 with..

Heavy combat arts, Heavy blade, Heavy armor and Shields at 20
Elemental and Ice magic at 6-7, and what ever is left over into Light
combat arts. Strength and Vitality should be 120+, with enough into other
stats to get your elemental magic to 6-7.


This section will hopefully help you with your gameplay and enjoyment of
the Spellforce game.

1) You will be playing your first walkthrough of the game as a warrior. The
warrior in the Spellforce series is superior to the mage in almost every way.
So to survive easier and have a better time we will have the walkthrough for
a warrior. Mages are fun in the game, but not recommended for the beginner.
Warriors have higher hitpoints, higher defense and stronger armor. Since
most foes in the game attack physically you will survive easier. Mages rely
on mana to cast spells so if you run out you have to sit around and wait for
it to replenish. This is very very noticeable in the early parts of the game
and still annoying in the later parts. A mage will not cast their spells
automatically in combat so you constantly have to control a mage to kill.
A warrior will automatically attack anything that attacks him, so you don't
have to keep constant control. Lastly, mages can be disrupted by attacks, so
when in the middle of a army of foes your mage is almost worthless because
they cannot get a spell off. Your warrior has no such limitations.

2) This reasoning applies to your heros as well. Hero mage friends are
useless compared to warriors, archers, and most healers. You really shouldn't
use any rune hero mages at all, concentrate on physical attackers and a healer
or 2. Now, mages aren't useless, you still can use them fine, such as
if you have a Rune Mage level 25, compared to a Rune warrior 20. Might be ok
but in general, mages don't cast their great spells automatically.

3) Farming. Farming in the game is the act of using spawning foes as a
source of constant experience. Most boards you can complete very quick by
killing foes and destroying spawn buildings, but to gain more experience for
your character you will want to "farm" spawn points to keep gaining experience
and items. You do not have to farm opponents, it might get boring
after a while, but you will be at a vastly lower level if you do not. Farming
foes makes the game easier. I will tell you how to farm the boards, you can
decide for how long you want to do it.

4) Some controls you want to remember. hitting "H" while your troops are
hilighted will cause them to HOLD position, not moving. Ranged troops of your
army will still shoot foes that come into range, and melee army troops will
still attack anything that attacks them. This HOLD function is used most of
the game to keep your army troops in position to farm spawn points.

5) ALT-TAB will pause your game and exit to the windows screen if you want
to surf the web or do something else without having to actually exit your
game and re-enter. You will NOT continue to do things in the game while
Tabbed out, the game goes into pause mode.

6) DO NOT dual weld weapons. For some reason people say this is good to do.
This is NOT true. Equipping 2 weapons does not make you attack twice as fast.
Instead you will alternate weapons when attacking. So if you equip 1 dagger
you will attack with the dagger. If you equip 2 daggers, you will attack with
the first dagger, then attack with the second. But not at any enhanced speed.
You should always go with weapon/shield, 2 handed weapon, or weapon/bow for
archers. If you doubt this advice, simply time how fast you attack both with
1 weapon and with 2. You swing at the same speed.

7) You have light and dark armies. Humans/Elves/Dwarves share resources
while Orcs/Dark Elves/Trolls share resources.

8) CTRL-DELETE or CTRL-END will rotate buildings you are placing so you can
fit them into difficult areas, or to point their "front" towards resource
materials for quicker gathering.

9) In many areas, foe spawn camps do not start until you activate a Hero
or Army monument, so often you can explore and clear maps with little effort
since no foes spawn. We will do some of this to make battles easier later.

10) Plan your bases carefully for easier control. Build your Small Head-
quarters fast so you can use your secondary buildings to increase resource
gathering. When you put down mines and quarries, if you have the secondary
building that increases production, put THAT closest to the stone/iron since
miners will drop ore off at THAT building instead of your quarry/mine. When
you are putting down your food buildings, try and keep your main building
near any fishing huts/hunting lodges/cattle farms, etc to increase your food
gathering. Resources are scarce so always have your secondary buildings to
increase your gathering up and running as soon as possible for maximum

11) For maximum farming its good to have archers as your troops if you have
them. Mages are very strong but they run out of mana soon so after that they
are just weak physical troops. A bug in the game keeps them from regenerating
mana. In races like Elves and Dark Elves its good to use your lenya/aria for
towers instead of magical troops. Towers don't run out, towers survive longer
than troops though the lenya/aria cost is a bit more. Elf archer/frost
towers are excellent and Dark Elf hypnosis/magic towers are excellent. In
order for your magic troops/etc to regain mana and health you need to build
numerous [FOOD BUILDINGS]. These allow for regeneration. If you have a mage
army, you want lots of Food Buildings.

[NOTE: Reminder this 3rd expansion allows you to import characters you used
in the first 2 games as long as they are level 30 or below. If your
character was 31+ you cannot import them sorry.]




[NOTE: I am making the walkthrough with my first Order of Dawn character,
so if you are playing a new guy, or a Breath of Winter it will be
a little different]

A) THE BLACKWATER COAST - Order of Dawn import

This section is when you import a Order Of Dawn character. You start with
a cutscene from DARIUS, with you still guarding the Phoenix Stone. Use the
nearby bindstone and talk to the Dawn Knight who will join you. Just leave
him back its easier to kill alone. Continue down the path exploring, killing
the Toad-like enemies on the way. You will find a couple t-chests with them.

Save and pick up 2 more Dawn Knights and reach another bindstone to
activate. Go south to a Dawn Knight guarding a town. He will not let you in
until he gets word from URIAS. Head back to the bindstone then NE, kill the
skeletons, take down the buildings and after a few seconds you can talk to
URIAS. Talk to him then take everyone down to the village gates.

After another cutscene you can activate the town bindstone and loot the 3
t-chests. A half dozen merchants are about but nothing you really need. URIAS
is now another annoying NPC that follows you, robbing you of experience kills
and attacking things you don't want. Sadly they haven't fixed this part of
the game. Head SW from the base down to kill any skeletons about and loot the
lieutenants body of the [AONIRS RING], and the nearby t-chest. Don't put on
the ring yet, the undead camp will spawn endless skeletons that come down,
you can kill all you want for good experience until you get bored. Leave
all your Dawn Knight troops in the village you don't need them. When you are
finished farming (experience will stop pretty soon) put on the ASONIRS RING
and then killing a skeleton keeps it from re-appearing.

Head east to a t-chest, then northeast up the path into the undead camp,
killing everything. Pick up 4 t-chests on the way. At the top the undead
leader flees south through the portal. Continue south to the Hero monument
and summon your heros, and activate the bindstone. Finally head south with
your forces, clear the camp and loot the 3 t-chests about. Enter the portal
to the Onyx Shores.

B) CITY OF SOULS - Breath of Winter/New character import

New guys or Breath of Winter imports start here. After the cutscene talk
to THE MASKED MAN. Now head east to a t-chest, then west to activate the
bindstone. Continue west to a merchant camp and west again to another t-chest
and Corpse monsters.

Swinging south into some ruins, use another bindstone and grab t-chest NE.
Keep going east killing Corpse foes, grab a t-chest and hit your Hero
monument and bindstone. Use them, then take your Heros and clear out the mess
of creatures in the area.

The place is a big circle, with pentagrams on the outskirts that spawn
endless monsters. A great place to farm by the way. If a Hero enters one of
the pentagrams, the spawn stops so when your done farming, work your way
around the outskirts clearing monsters and leave a hero on each pentagram.
5 pentagrams, 5 heros. THE MASKED MAN is on the south side of the map when
you are done, and down to the east is another bindstone and and another
merchant camp.

Spread within the area are 5 friendly spirit Soul npcs. Angry, Desperate,
Strong, Kind, Swift (mm wheres grumpy and sneezy). Talking to them starts a
quest you can do after killing the FIAL DARG with their bones. There are also
a few t-chests about their area also. Keep all 5 Souls with you to help take
down any spawn. Before you fight the FIAL DARG send the 5 Souls to their
graveyard (near the east merchant camp).

When ready equip the Shadow Sword and kill the FIAL DARG. Then loot the
nearby tomb for the URN. At this point a summoned army heads for the circle,
so run south towards the Soul graveyard, the undead army is too strong. At
the graveyard loot the dead bodies of the Souls for some nice loot, then
head SW to THE MASKED MAN and watch the cutscene. You get the [RUNE LICHKING
ANKTHAR 26]. Enter the nearby portal to Onyx Shores.


[NOTE: DO NOT SELL THE [RUNE LICHKING ANKTHAR] you will need it for later,
so even if you replace him, keep the Rune do not sell it.]

If your character was from Order of Dawn you arrive in the small NW
section with URIAS and have to kill the LICHKING ANKTHAR. You can loot him
for the [RUNE LICHKING ANKTHAR 26]. Heading SE through the now open gate
you are near a Human Monument, bindstone, and treasure chest which contains
[HUMAN WORKER 17] and human [DOG KENNELS]. This location is where you start
if you are a new character/Breath of Winter import.

Activate the bindstone then kill the 3 spiders to the south. Make sure you
have your new worker and kennels in place and start your Human monument. The
enemy forces will start spawning anyway so might as well get started. Build
your base to max with your Avatar guarding the east side from Grarg Orcs.
You'll get a cutscene with the fisherman, and get a free fisherman building.

Get your city building while you guard the east side. Station yourself
near the Aria fountain to the east to intercept any Grarg Orcs. There is a
well to the north but we can't use that yet. ASAP get some workers putting
10-15 towers east and south of the Aria shrine to backup your Avatar against
attacks. Then you can use those workers on the Aria fountain. Start pumping
out Marksmen and once you are satisfied with your base/army head east and
destroy the Orcs. You'll need more resources anyway. Pick up the t-chest by
your Hero Monument and get your Heros out. Make a defensive line a little
west of the large group of Flamedancers and Hazim Defenders. Your probably
low on Iron have workers hit the new Iron fields. When set, have your Avatar
draw the enemy towards your line to die.

After the group of enemies is clear, its time to move forward. NW of your
Hero Monument is a small tent you can search to read a Diary on the poisoned
well. Take your Avatar/Heros south through the now-open pass and destroy the
enemy troops and buildings. Start building towers guarding the SW passage to
enemy territory, plus station your heros and some Marksmen here. Have your
Avatar lure the large enemy group guarding the town out so you can pick them
off with your archer army. Once everything is dead, activate the bindstone,
the 2nd Human monument, and head west into town.

Grab the 2 t-chests, and talk to VILLAGE ELDER TARIO and get all his
information. He will give you a couple "broken" items to repair later, plus
a THIEVING DRAKE appears near your Hero monument. Kill your heros, and re-
summon them at the monument to kill it and get [TANTARO'S GLOVES]. The west
side of the town to the Aria fountains is open, send 5 to the building and
have 5 more workers build a 2nd Aria shrine to gather the other fountain.
Send your Avatar back to the north poisoned well to talk to TANTARO. Demand
he step aside, kill him, then fix the well by using the nailstick right and
down. For some reason a Hazim Marksman appears to the east, kill him then
return to the village and talk to TARIO again.

Large forces of Hazim will start to move up to your forces. We are going
to start to move down also. Once a large wave is done, first take your army
west past the 2 enemy tower area, to the next intersection and set up your
defenses here. Send your Avatar west, you'll get a t-chest, fight a bear GORA
and head north to fight a half dozen demons or so. 2 t-chests are west and
NE is a demon pit, but you can't close it yet. Farm it if you want. Head up
the hill south, a path south holds 2 t-chests. Go west killing a few troops
and destroy the buildings. Another t-chest is here along with USAM the Dwarf
who is captured. Free him and he can give you resources, or open a back way
into the enemy base. You don't need resources so we will pick the secret way.

[NOTE: Prepare ahead of time. He destroys the rocks blocking the back way,
but that allows the enemy to come down that way also. SE of the village the
path leads up to the rockslide. Build a dozen towers to catch the enemy. When
you accept the deal, use the bindstone, teleport to the village and head up
to the rocks so your Avatar can handle any spawn coming down.]

Have about 15-20 workers following your Avatar up the back way, and after a
wave has been dealt with, move up to the base of the back hill and make a ton
of towers to back your Avatar up. You can bring your army up the back path
now (those not farming demons). Wipe out the enemy camp, there are a couple
t-chests in the south side. Kill the boss KRONGOR. Your done here, make sure
all foes and enemy buildings are down and exit the portal into Empyria. Oh,
watch the cutscene first, THEN exit the portal into Empyria.


Activate the bindstone when you enter. Head south into town and talk to
TOWNGUARD FANDORO. Swing north then west and talk to ALYAH, then to URIAS
afterwards. Thank god, he's not following us anymore. Head east to the gate
and TOWNGUARD MYRO will open the gate after you chat. Due south of the gate
is a well hidden t-chest. Enter the city, use the bindstone right at the

Go south to the wall then east a few streets. FLINK MCWINTER is there.
Talk with him and he runs away west. Chase him to a dead end street where he
summons a couple Bandits to ambush you. Kill them then head east down the
street again. FLINK is at the first group of houses. Approach and he summons
more Bandits. Kill them then from WINE MERCHANT BORUS buy 1 [WINE], all the
[BRANDY] which is 4, and 3 [MORTAR]. For later.

Continue east then north, you'll see SHAZAM. Talk to him to learn girls are
missing. In the buildings just NE is FLINK again, and a t-chest. Kill the
Bandits again, then talk to COMMANDER ISHTAR just north about all his info
to progress a questline. Head east and right there is a path down north to
fight a couple Lurker creatures. Also nearby should be VAGABOND NANDINI. The
Lurkers do respawn after a while.

NANDINI sells mostly junk, its not worth buying at all. When she talks
about Cap of Mental Sanity, Titans Hammer, Ring of Folly (fools), etc just
esc and exit. The only item you want to buy is if the talks about [ZERBITE
TEAR], and can haggle that down to 40 gold. Finally head south/southeast and
you'll see FLINK again. Talk to him, give him 10 gold, and head back to
ALYAH. After the cutscene talk to ALYAH again for [LOCKPICKS].

Head south of town to fight 3 bandits then BRIGOR appears. Talk to him and
agree to let him go for bank info. He gives you the Bank questline. Go into
town and talk to TOWNGUARD PRAIJOS, but he won't let you in. Head to SE of
town talk to JYLA, who wants TOWNGUARD ENDO home. Just east is TUOMI who will
start her questline. Go north and talk to UZAKAHN, who wants some of your
Brandy. East to TOWNGUARD ZAK. Insult him to fight him and KAHLED, then you
can unlock the gate when they are dead.

Head east and activate the bindstone. North of CIRCUS MASTER SERBIO is a
t-chest. You can talk to SERBIO if you want. The portal to the Arena is here
also but skip that and head north side, to the bank. Talk to TREASURER
BRYNJOLF and sell your [ADAMANTIUM BAR] for 250 gold (sell any you find).
Head up the NW path and talk to TOWNGUARD JAROD who wants you to fight in the
Arena. Head to the Arena and talk to TOWNGUARD BOSTOS to do a quick fight and
get the certificate for JAROD. Return to JAROD to have the gate opened. Go
all the way back to the south city area and go up the path and talk to TOWN-
GUARD ENDO. Go south to the Lurker pit and fight the 3 beasts and loot the
Brooch. Take the Brooch back to ENDO and he runs home. Open the gate while he
is gone.

Head west out the city and talk to FLINK again. Have him distract TOWN-
GUARD PRAIJOS. Open the gate when he is away. Head through the gate and NW,
to a square with a t-chest, and a town guard to kill. Now go west to the
BLIND MONK and head north and talk to LYRIO FORREL to progress a questline.
Now talk to the BLIND MONK. Head west out the city into the slums and find
the 2 ROGUE APOTHECARYS. Talk to them and demand better price to get dust
cheaper. Then talk to them again, demand more dust and fight them. Loot their
dead bodies for more dust, and [CLAW OF THE PICKPOCKET]. Head back to the
BLIND MONK who makes a potion, give it to LYRIO FORREL to get the [MONKS ROBE
OF THE EREON TEMPLE]. Put on the robe and go NE and talk to CITY GUARD
SHAMZIRO to open the gate. After put back on your regular armor and go NE
into the market area.

[NOTE: you will see that items are appearing in your inventory. That is
because you have the [CLAW OF THE PICKPOCKET] that picks pockets as
you walk by city folk.]

Ignore the Merchants for now, go to the center area and talk to TRADER
WEASEL. Then talk to TRADER ZANZABAR. Tell them the other says GOOD things
about them. Now head back to FLINK to get advice. Go back to the market area
and to the NE near MERCHANT GROM listen to the 2 guards IJOLO and NARAS
talking. Go to South City and talk to BORON (SW of UZAKAHN). He will go fight
with NARAS so meet them at the gate. Open the gate when you have the chance.
Head to the west gate where PALACE GUARDS MON and RAZUL talk about drinking.
To the west click on the 2nd table and place Wine (actually Brandy). Head
back and wait for them to leave, then unlock gate.

Head north into the palace area. Careful there are 2 types of guards, the
ones in the plain brown and red outfits, and the level 45 ones in armor. You
can actually defeat a 45 guard, but more than one is difficult at the same
time, so stay away. Head to the upper walkway there is a t-chest in the
center area. Now go west to PALACEGUARD TANTHAR but don't talk to him,
instead go south along the wall ledge and swing west, killing the 2 Blood-
hounds. Ignore the opening and keep going around west and north to a hidden
t-chest. Now return and enter the south hole in the wall. Go west to the
bindstone, and north you'll get a cutscene. Head to the chest, kill the guard
and get the key. Go to the portal and enter the portal to the Dryad Cove.


Watch the cutscene then use the nearby bindstone. Move down the hill,
summoning your Heros at the Hero monument, then keep going killing Palace
Guards and Bloodhounds on the way. A t-chest will be on the north side of
the path. At the bottom of the hill by the gate, to the east on a hill are
2 Dog Kennels that spawn the Bloodhounds, you need to destroy those 2
buildings. Also 2 t-chests are there.

Through the gate north your first Spitflower towers. They create an aura
of poison that is tough on Heros, so always take down Spitflower towers with
your Avatar. Kill any Bloodtrees also, then head NE down a small hill to take
down a few more and another t-chest. Now head west down the hill to 3 more
Spitflower towers and a t-chest. Follow the path west to the DRYAD. Now go
south to the bindstone and talk to the NYMPHET who will join your party. As
you go you'll save more Nymphets, just leave them at the bindstone you won't
need them. Proceed east killing a few Frog swamp creatures, and saving 2
Nymphets. A t-chest is carefully hidden here also.

Head west and west again to kill 6 more Lurker foes and free 2 more of the
Nymphets. Now go up the hill, kill a few spiders, up the hill more to your
Hero monument and some Bloodtrees. Have your Avatar take down the 3 Spit-
flowers and get the t-chest. Keep going west down the path killing some
spiders, getting some more Nymphets, and further to more spiders and a bind-
stone. Go NW you'll pass the poisoned well, and enter the area of THE GHOST
OF THE SPIDER MASTER. After a cutscene kill the summoned spiders, destroy all
the Nest buildings, and get the 2 t-chests.

East to the final spider area, a couple Spitflower towers and a couple
t-chests. Head up the north path to a cutscene then kill the SPIDER MASTER.
Take the [ANTIDOTE] from him. There is a very well hidden t-chest in the NE
part of the ruins that holds a [BANK SEAL]. Activate the bindstone, teleport
west to the poisoned well and cure it. Go talk to the DRYAD again. Once done,
talk to her more and explore ALL her conversation trees to progress some
quests, also to to pick up 4 [SEEDS OF THE LIFETREE] for that quest. Head
back north and enter the north portal to the Palace, back into Empyria.

Activate the nearby bindstone then teleport to the Circus District and
talk to CIRCUS MASTER SERBIO to start his quest. Go west into South District
and talk to UZAKHAM again. Talk to him again. If you've given him enough
brandy you can ask him about the circus, and challenge him in the Arena. If
so, go to the Arena and fight him. If not, come back later and keep feeding
him Brandy until you can haha. You can do the first 2 lessons with him, which
get you some nice experience. You might have to be level 36 to start his
lessons, and maybe 40 to do his higher lessons. Talk to COMMANDER ISHTAR who
will take any [DREAMDUST] you have for experience.

Take a quick journey to the Onyx Shores- Western Hazim camp and go north
to the Demon root pit west of town and use a Lifetree seed to purify it.
Journey back to Empyria Market district and talk to MERCHANT SOPHIA and if
you have the money pick up [RUNE PRIEST YASMIN - 29] which you can use now,
or soon, you should be level 35-36. Journey to Blackwater Coast-Portal to
Onyx Shore. On the map now are 6 groups of tough skeletons. Go ahead and
head north, summon your heros, and take out the skeleton groups. They aren't
super deadly but they have lots of health.

Go to Empyria-Lower District and west to FLINK. You'll see a cutscene and
after the Palace Guards are alerted. Go ahead and clear the city sections of
the Town Guards/Palace Guards. Talk to TAILOR BARBADAR in the Market area to
get his quest. You might already have the items for the first item. Now once
you are ready head back to ALYAH and talk to FLINK and URIAS. We have a side-
quest now to do for URIAS.

Head back to Blackwater Coast-Dawn town and talk to the DAWN WARLORD. Go
north through the now open gate down to your Hero monument and summon your
heros, also get the t-chest to the east. Talk to GURIM to start his quest.
Take your group east to kill SHEEHA the Dragon, then south to kill ANDAR.
Report back to GURIM. Now head NE to kill ZANDARH, who will summon Flame
creatures to fight with him. Take your Avatar in first to gather the enemies
and have your Hero's go directly for ZANDARH. Now head NW to fight IRIDON.
IRIDON is tough he freezes your group. You want to approach then run and lure
part of the Frost enemies away. Hopefully you can get IRIDON and only a few
Elementals alone to kill. Concentrate on IRIDON. Any casters/warlocks stay
at a distance and cast spells so you don't get hit by the freezing aura. Kill
all foes and LAURIN the Dragon appears to the far NE.

LAURIN will summon duplicates of herself after you damage it a bit. You
need to touch the glowing stones to be able to kill the duplicates. Once the
duplicates spawn, keep your Hero's on their target, and your Avatar quickly
run around and touch each stone. You'll have to respawn your Heros a time or
2 to take down all the duplicates. Just regroup and concentrate on 1 at a
time. Once all are dead loot LAURIN for [RUNE GLAMRIG - 30], [HEART], looks

Go back to Empyria-Lower District and go west talk to ALYAH. Talk to ALYAH
again and ask questions to get more info. Then say your ready to leave. Head
east into town head to the east gate, but first talk to TUOMI and show her
your [ZERBITE TEAR] she will give you a 2nd one. Continue to the east gate,
watch a cutscene, and when you are able grab the t-chest and enter the
portal to the Red Wastes.


Again a cutscene. Use the nearby bindstone north, then go west, pick up
a t-chest and talk to BARIO. You now have TWO annoying NPC followers. Head
southwest to find a Orc Monument but don't activate it, grab the t-chest to
get [ORC WORKER 21] and [WARBOAR PIT]. Go back up to BARIO and wait for ANZO
to show up. Talk to him and set him off to ambush the 2 tribe leaders. Head
southeast of BARIO's location and a path runs NE. Kill a HAZIM GUARD to get
some [PURPLE DUST]. Now head southwest to the Stone Meeting Circle, and wait
a little north of the north lever. Once both brothers are in the circle, pull
it and they both die.

Head to the Orc Monument and start your city, time to do some old fashion
farming. Build your city to max. There are 3 ways up to your plateau, west
east and south. Most of the attacks will be east/south since that base is
stronger. Need towers at both areas, with your Avatar guarding south and
an army of spearmen guarding east. Some spearmen west to watch that side. The
east base pretty much will weaken the west base pretty good since its bigger.
Once the spawn dies down a lot, you can take your force and destroy both
bases. The west base has a couple t-chests and the east base 3. You'll find
more [PURPLE DUST] from some of the troops.

Now rebuild your army to max, its good to have Totems now since mummies
are weak to magic and tough vs physical. Gather your army in front of the
south closed gate. Make sure all northern enemies are dead and buildings
done. Talk to BARIO and he will move his caravan down to the gates. When he
gets there he will open it. While you are waiting move west and up the stone
steps into the DEMON area and wipe them out, purifying this area at the
Demon root pit. When it opens kill any mummies at the gates, then move up to
the next intersection and station your Avatar and some troops there, another
group of mummies will come from the east base. Also at the top of the hill
is a small group of mummies blocking the road. Have your Totems take care
of them. Once the road is clear wipe out the east base. You'll loot 4 pieces
of [NIGHTSHADE SILK] from the dead mummies. Make sure you currently have
4 pieces, plus 4 piles of [PURPLE DUST]. Grab the couple t-chests here then
head west and up the stone steps and clear out the SCYTHE TERRORS.

A few things left, activate the bindstone near the portal to Raven's Pass
but we won't go there yet. Talk to BARIO in the oasis to complete his quest,
make sure to grab the t-chest. Now, head all the way east past the Mummy
bases to the end. A bindstone, t-chest, and the portal to City of Souls. We
are going to enter this portal.


Defeat the skeletons and activate the bindstone. A t-chest nearby holds
[ONYX] and [HEAD OF A GOLEM]. Continue west to more skeletons and a pedestal
you can search, it doesn't do anything yet. North are Death Towers, so stay
away from those, instead head west to another protected t-chest [LEFT HALF
OF A GOLEM] and [ROCK CRYSTAL] then north to a 3rd t-chest [RIGHT HALF OF A

You'll come up into a brazier circle area. Grab the t-chest to the NE and
kill the COBOLD near the bindstone for a [CURSED COBOLDCOIN] and activate the
bindstone. You can't continue west foes are too strong.

Journey to Empyria-Circus District and talk to CIRCUS MASTER SERBIO. Now
west into South District, and on the NW side you can talk to THE PUPPET
MASTER. Ask about [HADEKO PUPPETS] but don't sell any you'll need them later.
Ask other questions and ask to join his Assassin Guild. Head west to FLINK
and talk to him to get [BAG OF CURSED COINS].

VAGABOND NANDINI should be stationed now just south of FLINK. Quicksave
before you talk to her, she now will randomly sell [ZERBITE TEARS]. So talk
to her, if no tear then exit, reload, talk, etc repeat. You want 6 Tears
total, you already have 2 so we need 4 more from her. It might take a while
they are rare sells. You can also get [ZERBITE TEARS] in later quests, but
hey since we can get them now why not. Took me about 1/2 hour in reloads to
get the other 4.

Head into the Market District talk to CRAFTWOMAN NIAMH. First turn in your
6 [ZERBITE TEARS] then have her make your [HIRINSTAFF] and [SHIELD OF THE
PRIMAL ELEMENTS]. The Hirinstaff is a perfect weapon if your using the Rune-
you should be close to using him now, if you need him of course.

Head east talk to TRADER BARBADAR and turn in your [NIGHTSHADE SILK] and
already have the helmet. Put them on anyone who can wear them, they as a set
provide great boosts. Now head to BORGO in the South District NE side. Give
him the [BAG OF CURSED COINS]. He is cursed, talk to him again to complete
the transaction. Head west and talk to SHAZAM and tell him about the missing
girls to finish his quest.

Head back to the Bazaar Market and talk to TRADER ZANZABAR or WEASEL to
finish their quest. On the north side talk to SETH DUNDRED. Agree to take
over his contract and get the [KEY TO GARRISON]. Head up the Palace path to
the east Garrison Gate. A well hidden t-chest is on a path south by the wall
at the gate. Kill any guards that approach then open the Garrison gate. Go
east to the wall then north to stay away from the north guards and kill YMIR.
Return to SETH and let him know. Talk to him again to learn hes sick and
needs 2000 gold for a cure. We can give that to him later, for now go back
to the PUPPET MASTER and finish the questline. You'll get [SAPPHIRE ROSE]
which you can just sell, worth 1000 gold. We are all done side-quests for
now so sell, buy, re-equip, what ever.

You should be level 37-38 by this time with some decent Rune Heros now and
items. Head back to Red Wastes-portal to Raven Pass, then enter the portal.


Use the bindstone then head down the path. Head to the southeast to find
a Drunk Giant. Talk to him then go south into camp and kill the GOBLIN
THIEVES, and loot the t-chest. Talk to the Giant again, and with your choices
ask him to seal up some skeleton caves to cut down on the spawn. Now head
west to your Troll monument. There are about 6 chests in the area you want
to loot. One contains Rune Workers level 23 (24 for Dark Elves), another
holds Dark Elf [SHADOW TOWER], Elf [PIXIEHOUSE], and Troll [NEST] and [SIEGE
WORKSHOP]. There are also 2 t-chests on the path leading south to the
fortress. Grab all the chests then head up to your Troll monument and start
your city.

Build your city to max. You'll have to hand-mine the IRON ore you don't
have an iron building. There are 2 entrances to your area station the Avatar
at one, and at the other NEST birds and Troll troops, backed up with a few
Stone Thrower Towers. Get all your buildings built, all their upgrades,
repulse a few attacks from undead.....the normal day of a Rune Warrior.

You want to build 2 Siege carriers from your Siege Workshop. Have them go
down and "H" Hold in place outside of range, and they will bombard the Death
Towers until they are destroyed. Then the enemy base will start sending
undead towards your base so make sure your Avatar and defenses are in place.
Keep building your base up get a good amount of Hurlers and other troops.
When your ready keep some troops at your base to stop cave undead, and your
Avatar and the rest to start assaulting the 1st undead base. Rebuild and
repeat as necessary. Have your army engage the undead while your Avatar takes
down the buildings. Then pick up the 6 or so t-chests in the base. The prison
key is on one of the undead. Unlock the prison and free JARL. He joins you.

Move east up to the next undead camp. Talk to JARL at the gate and he will
blow a hole but prepare, a large mummy army will appear to attack. You might
have to rebuild your army after mummies are physically hard to kill. The
undead camp has a Darkelf Monument, so get your Darkelf city going. There
will be an undead force that attacks from the south gate, so prepare your
defenses. Get some towers up, defenders, hurlers, etc. You should note that
you have plenty of Iron, so start pumping out Assassins when you can.

Start heading up to the 3rd camp. Near the camp there will be a path north
leading to a bindstone, the portal to the Inner Fortress, and DRACON SHAIN
TAL'ACH. Talk to him to get the [SIGIL] and 2 Darkelf Assassins attack. They
have a lot of health so just bring them back to let your army help take them
out. We are going to go in the Inner Fortress portal where there will be 4
levers to pull to open the gates. Inside are FLAYED HEROS who you want to try
and avoid and sneak around, they are very strong and will interfere with you
pulling levers, so do this sneaky. Then go back through the portal and lead
the way into the fortress.

Once the 3rd base is secure, you have the t-chest, time to work up to the
last base. This one has a Death Tower at the front so take it carefully and
bring up a couple Siege Trolls to take down the tower. Then take out the
skeletons. There are 2 FIREBONE FIEND dinosaurs to the east. We have to
prepare our defenses now. When we kill the 2 FIENDS, there will be a huge
enemy reinforcement army sent. Here is the easiest way..

1) Station your troops north of the 1st Fiend. Take it out, then retreat
back north so there is 1 Fiend left. Now have Dark Elf workers put up as many
towers as they can fit in the base without going near the 2nd Fiend. This
will help with your defense when the enemy counterattacks.
2) Get your army to max. When ready kill the 2nd Fiend, then the enemy leader
sends down a large undead army and attacks you. Of course, kill them all. It
is a tough fight, ROHAN is strong and does AOE. My entire melee troops were
wiped out even with the 50+ towers in the area.

Once the counterattack is taken care of, move west to kill the Urok UMP
and his guards. Grab the t-chest on the way and then the 2 after you kill the
Uroks. UMP carries [RUNE UMP-33], one t-chest has [FENCING MASK] the other
[ZERBITE TEAR] and [RING OF KINDNESS]. There are 2 portals out of the area,
one leads to Blazing Stones, the other to Kathai. Take the portal to Blazing


This map is divided up into 3 parts. Use the bindstone and talk to the
goblin ARGAMUN. You have to save some princess's. Use the Hero Monument to
the north and get your heros then go around the area and kill the various
SCYTHE TERRORS and DEMONIC GUARDIANS. Talk to the toads after to have the
princess's released. They will flee to the portal and leave. Once they are
all gone talk to ARGAMUN again and he will open the SW gate into the next

This 2nd area is populated by Wolf Warrior camps. We are going to get our
Dark Elf base going. Start your base, send your Avatar/Heros southwest to
the first camp and wipe it all out, we don't want to worry about spawn from
here. Now at your base get it up and running. There are 2 entrances into the
base, north and west. Avatar at north, Hero's at west. Get a few towers up
behind each for support. You won't get any huge attacks for a while so get
your base up good. Pump out a ton of Assassins.

Basically once your bored farming, wipe out the map of Wolf Soldiers. When
they and their buildings are gone, the gate opens into the 3rd area with some
more beast-like troops. There are also wandering bands of DAYTIME THIEF
goblins. Take the time and build up your Dark Elf army, gathering everyone
up by the gate. At the first intersection north I stationed my Avatar and
Heros and built about 8 towers to take down the wandering Goblins when they
ventured by. Remember, Light and Dark troops do not mix, Dark Elf towers will
shoot Elves, and Elf towers will shoot Dark troops, etc. Try and keep your
troops separate.

Put a few Dark Elf towers at the north exit of the Elf Monument area by
the arch, and station your Hero's there to take care of any DAYTIME THIEF
goblins roaming. Now, activate your Elf monument and start gathering wood.
The enemy camps will start spawning Goblins who will come down to the towers
you built at the first intersection. Farm them as long as you want using your
Avatar as a wall while you take down foes. When bored, start tearing down
the enemy camps. You should still be building and sending up Dark Elf troops
so you can use them for camp raiding when you get enough. Don't even bother
with an Elf base your Dark Elf base is maxed already use those troops.

Head east to clear out the small group of undead in the ruins. You'll find
[FIRST PIECE OF THE MOSAIC]. Yep, we have a Mosaic. Make sure your army is
built to max, also build towers around each Mosaic spawn location to help
handle the spawn. Ok here we go!

1) Piece 1.. Foes spawn just south in the ruins in the open area. Easy
2) Piece 2.. Foes spawn same place, a little tougher but not much. Easy
3) Piece 3.. Foes spawn same place, very tough. Took entire army to defeat
them. This is about as far as you can go until you get better.

Once you finish the 3rd Mosaic its time to move on. Make sure all Goblin/
Beast buildings and foes are dead, then talk to ARGAMUN. He opens the gate
to the portal to the Colosseum. Don't head in yet, head to the south and go
up the mountain there will be a few very easy FIRESTONE/LAVA GOLEMS. Search
the dead body for a [BANK SEAL]. Now head north to the portal to the
Colosseum, use the bindstone and t-chest. We'll need 5000 gold in order to
compete in the Colosseum, you should have plenty of gold by now, go visit
a merchant and sell off all your excess junk. I had about 17000 gold at this
point. When you have 5000 gold enter the portal to the Colosseum.


Activate the bindstone then go to the east side of the Colosseum and talk
to the citizen there selling Titans. Buy the CYCLOPS titan for 5000 gold then
go back and talk to ZERBO to start your matches. There are 10 matches and
you get a lot of experience, items and gold. If your Titan dies, get another,
but mine lasted till the 9th round, then I got a Tre-ent for round 10.

3) 4 DRAKES. 2900 gold, [ZERBITE TEAR]
5) 6 SHRIKER enemies. 3400 gold, [ARMOR OF THE WARFORGED], [RING OF TALES]
8) 8 SKELETON warriors. 4100 gold, [RUNE ARCHER SAIJA], [WOLF ARMOR], [STAFF
9) 4 BLADE creatures. 4300 gold, [RUNE PRIEST SIRI], [TIARUS GOLDEN HELMET],

Now the 9th and 10 battles are very tough, in the 9th battles the BLADE
NIGHTMARES really hurt (your riposte may work), and the 10th battle demons
are tough also. Make sure to run and heal when needed, might take you a few
tries to take them down. You can always come back later. After you finish the
10 matches, you can search the various merchants to see if you want anything.

Merchant RIZAN has the [HELMET OF THE WARFORGED] if you want to complete
the set. BARRAGO has some nice rings if you want to bump up your accessories.

Journey back to Raven Pass-4th Fortress and head south through the portal
to Kathai.


Cutscene, then bindstone. Head down the path killing a couple SCYTHE
creatures, then at the intersection head west into the spider area. Kill all
CATLAN-31]. Grab the nearby t-chest. Leave and continue down the path. Yes,
you now have THREE annoying NPC followers.

Down further you'll come to your home building area. Head south and you
can clear out a bunch of groups of SCYTHE TERRORS and SHA FIGHTERS. The 4 or
so SHA groups have a t-chest. Try and stay away from the undead bases to the
south and east otherwise your followers will destroy them. Explore the
starting area, clear out the little groups, and activate your Hero Monument.
Now have your group of Heros start clearing out towers and foes in the undead
bases while your Avatar heads north to the Human Monument. Use the bindstone
and get the t-chest for Human/Dwarf workers 25, Human [STAR MONASTERY] and
Dwarf [STONE RAM HOUSE]. Don't activate your monument.

On the SW part of the map is a large pond/lake. on the south side you can
search a plant to get a [BANK SEAL]. There is a spawning Demon root pit to
the south, leave this for now we will farm it later. Destroy the south
undead base, this will leave the starting east and north bases. If you want
to farm some, start up your Human monument and station your Avatar to the
north (away from undead base so followers don't destroy it) and Heros to the
east. As soon as you start your base undead will attack so beat them back
and get a dozen towers or so up to support your defense. This is a good map
to make Paladins since they are good vs undead. Build your base to max and
once your satisfied you can start destroying undead bases, SCYTHE, and
SHA groups.

On the Demon spawn spot to the south, build a bunch of towers just north
and station some troops to lure the spawn. I used my Titan and had about 20+
towers and a few Healing Hand buildings. At this point in the map, you should
have all 3 undead bases destroyed, all foes, and the Demon spawn towered-up
for farming. When you have collected the various t-chests about this area, it
is time to move onto the east map. Get your army maxed again to assault the
east side when you take down the gates.

East of the Hero monument is a portal/tunnel to the east side. Take it and
destroy the enemy building and skeletons around the bindstone. Talk to KHAL
then head east towards a portal to the Battlegrounds, but continue killing
foes and go northeast you'll find another Hero Monument. Summon your heros
and grab the t-chests, 1 by your monument, and 2 east up the hillside. Start
clearing the entire east side of the map of foes and buildings.

Each of the 3 gates has a KEYMASTER skeleton who holds their keys. There
are groups of SHA warriors about also, usually with a t-chest nearby, along
with a few t-chests within the town area. Once all foes and buildings are
gone talk to URU, and you'll have to fetch a couple [GONS] from the well
areas about town. Head to the 3 areas, kill the skeleton guards and get the
[GONS] then go to the portal to the Battlefield.

Before we fight XALABAR we are going to prepare our base to farm the
endless Emperor army that attacks in a minute. Look at your base. The path
from Raven Pass leads down to the west side, there is a Aria fountain south
of it. SE of the Aria fountain the open area focus's SE heading east through
the center gates to the east side of the map. The Imperial army will come

down the hill NW of your base, head SE pass the Aria fountain, and SE to
pour through the center gate into the town east. Just SE of the Aria fountain
just around the corner we will make our farming base. Make a wall of towers
with a half dozen Healing Hand buildings. South of this area where there is
room fill with duplicates of important troop buildings (Forge, Archery, etc)

We are going to station our Hero's around this corner, so the enemy that
flows down will run into them, backed up with dozens of towers, and
once we get our Human Monument up again, 80 Marksmen to help with the flow.
Once you have a good 20-30 towers, some Hand buildings, start building towers
near the ramp down from Raven Pass until you are out of stone, to delay the
Imperial army. Send your entire army, and Heros to the portal to Raven Pass
hopefully they can take down a few enemies before they are automatically

Now talk to URU at the Battlefield portal, pick your companion, enter the
portal and kill XALABAR, then exit. SAVE. Now talk to URU again and you'll
go through a long cutscene. your Monument is destroyed, your Hero's banished,
and the Emperor's army flowing down the mountain. Summon your Hero's from
the west Hero Monument and station them at the front of your tower area so
they can take the brunt of the attacks. Send your Avatar back to your Human
monument and get it up and running. You want to crank out 80 Marksmen as soon
as you can and send them to back your towers/Hero's up. Keep your Avatar
helping until your defenses are where you want them to be. You'll be killing
endless waves of Imperial troops. You should be level 45-46 at this point.

While you are farming/building send your Avatar to the SW Demon Root Pit
and purify it. Have your Avatar talk with URU again to have access to the
Dwarf city. Head up and start the Dwarf Monument and build your Dwarf base.
There are a few t-chests about have your Avatar gather them up. When you
are bored farming, send your entire army to the Dwarf base so the Imperial
army can flow into the east city to progress the questline. Kill the BRONZE
GIANT on the way to the Dwarf base. If for some reason the 3 enemy armies
do not move into the east city, simply hunt down and kill the 3 leaders of
the groups. Once all 3 leaders are dead (and Giant), kill off the rest and
go talk to URU again. Talk to ALYAH then URU for information. There are 2
portals out of the area, we want to take the one to Clockwork Crypt.


This is going to be a big puzzle board. If you want to take the time to
figure out all the puzzles, etc go ahead. I'll tell you want you need to know
to make it much faster. As you enter use the bindstone and talk to the spirit
of URU. She will give you a 4 arrow code for the entrance gate. Enter it and
enter the Clockwork Crypt.

Watch the cutscene then when you are in control we have 4 lever areas to
activate so we can clear the undead base, and get a few t-chests. There is
a north and south base. We will do the north first. Just walk through the
trap area, some skeletons are summoned but you can kill them. Destroy the
skeletons and take down the buildings. The t-chest in the first area has an
[AIR COIN] and 4 t-chests in the 2nd area have loot and another [AIR COIN].
Examine the stone head, listen to it, then take the [STONE TONGUE].

You do get experience for solving the puzzles so I'll tell you the combos.
The north area 1st levers do the 4 corners then the left and right middle.
The levers in the end will look like..

TOP first levers TOP second levers


BOTTOM first levers BOTTOM second levers


Continue to the next area, you will have a large room of chests with 3
FLAYED warriors. Do NOT fight the FLAYED creatures, they will instantly
kill you. You cannot open the chests yet, so dodge the creatures and head
north up the path. You'll come to an area with caged Titans to the west, a
gate stone in the center, and NE a bindstone and Hero Monument. In the nearby

You did keep [RUNE LICHKING ANKTHAR] right? Put him in your Runespots and
summon him. A group of ZERBITE ghosts appear to comment. Talk to the lead
ghost, get some info. Remove ANKTHAR from your Runespot and talk to the ghost
again to hand over the Rune. You'll receive a [WATER COIN] and 2 [EARTH COIN]
as a reward. Redo your Rune Heros and summon them. Head to the large stone
in the ring of torches. You want to touch the stone, 5 torches light up, now
you want to light them up in the same order. If you are standing at the
stone the torches can form a clock around you, starting at 1 and going around
till 12. 1-6 on the right, 7-12 on the left. Light the torches 3,9,1,11,5.
This will open 3 titan pens. If you have an Order of Dawn character you get
light Titans (Elf,Human, Dwarf), if not, you get dark (Troll,Dark Elf,Orc).

We are going to do the 9 chests in the FLAYER room. Take your time and
don't get caught. The order you want to do the chests is..You can always do
this later, but its good to do it early so you don't have to worry about the
FLAYER creatures. Leave your group behind just use your Avatar.

(2) (4) (6) Each chest contains a key for the next chest, so you
(5) (1) (7) want to start with 1, and work your way to 9. The 9th
(8) (3) (9) chest has an [AIR COIN], plus the FLAYERS die.

Now, from the FLAYER room go and sneak past them to the east now. Fight the
various spiders in this area, killing THUKARDA to get the [KEY TO THE SPIDER
GATE]. URU will be at the west path you can talk to. Use the key on the stone
by the gate to open it. Activate the bindstone east. Now head back to the
FLAYER room and sneak south this time. You'll come to an area with 2 t-chests
on the left and right, along with 8 stones on each side.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (1) (2) (3) (4)
(5) (6) (7) (8) (5) (6) (7) (8)

The combo on the left is 1,7,5,2 and you'll get [AIR COIN], [RUNE FIGHTER
The combo on the right is 5,3,8,2 and you'll get [AIR COIN] and [RUNE ARCHER
ULME-36]. Going south there are stone heads that create a light where they
look. A t-chest to the west has another [AIR COIN]. You can fight OLD MUMMIES
by walking into the light. Continue east into another area.

In this room there are 7 pedestals and 2 t-chests. To open the chests you
can open 1 by lighting all the pedestals, and the other by darkening all the
pedestals. As you go in the pedestals look kinda like this..

(1) Click 4, 1, 7 to light them all and open 1 chest
(2) (3) Then click the pedestals in a row 1-7 to turn
(4) them all off, now open the other chest. Each
(5) (6) chest has an [AIR COIN] and [SKULL COIN].

Continue north to another lever area. You WANT to do the levers since
this light summons a bunch of OLD MUMMIES which are tough and you won't
survive easy. There is a ghost on the right who tries to pull levers opposite
of what you pull to mess you up. Pull the levers..


Then wait until the ghost starts pulling levers. You want all spaces white
so you can cross. Keep your group right before the tiles so you can cross the
second everything turns white. Keep your Avatar with your levers in case you
see something you can pull to do it faster. Wait for the ghost to pull the
correct levers, or you can jump the gun and pull them if you see a way to
turn them. Once across the ghost dies. Destroy the buildings and head north
to a Stone Air Menhir. Use 5 [AIR COINS] to unlock the gates. There is a
t-chest here but you can't open it yet. Head north all the way past the
bindstone into the next area. Menhirs, Demons, Stones, oh my...

This area has various Demons locked in gates, with a bunch of Stone Menhirs
and Stone faces. You want to activate ALL the Stone Menhirs and use all their
symbols to open all the gates. No need to use the Stone faces at all since
you are going to use all the symbols. Go through the area and kill the Demon
UNDERLINGS. To the north is URU again, plus a bindstone and a t-chest with
[HALL OF DEAD KEYSTONE]. Head all the way back to the FLAYER area and sneak
west, using the KEYSTONE to open the undead base. Go west and clear out the
entire base.

Swing south into a bone and blood area. There will be a dozen or so Demons
that attack. If you stand on a spot with a skeleton or blood, Skeleton
troops will appear and attack. There is one dangerous foe, the FOUL MUMMY.
This creature permanently gives Pestilence poison, so ONLY attack the FOUL
MUMMIES with Heros, if they die you can just re-summon them. Be careful you
don't want permanent poison on your Avatar or Titans. Farm any of the spots
you want, then head SW to a Hero Monument. Activate it, then continue SW to
find XALABAR again. Talk with him, agree to find the staff and get the [KEY
FOR STONE LABYRINTH]. Head all the way back east (the north gates are open)
and you can use XALABARS stone to open the Labyrinth area.

Go east down to the Hero Monument, kill any Minotaurs about. Head west and
north up to the 1st gate. Send your Avatar through the portal and your group
back to the Hero monument. On the other side your Avatar can kill a few
minotaurs about, including a COLLECTOR who has [EARTH COIN]. Activate the
stone Menhir and the gate near the Hero Monument opens. Send your Avatar back
and kill any Minotaurs about through the open gate. Activate the Menhir to
the west. Send your Avatar through the portal to the south now. This will
go to a small area with 6 Minotaurs and 2 Menhir. Kill them all, activate
both Menhirs. Return through the portal.

Head to the now open north area. NW is a bindstone and a Menhir read.
back and east this time. Ignore the NE portal, head south. The Menhir to the
east is the "STAR PENDANT" gate, we'll come back there. Continue south and
SW to another portal. Enter it to go back to the Hero Monument. We want to
go to the first portal we entered by the north gate. Now the SE gate is open
so head down there. Swing all the way around, past the closed gate, and at
the end are 2 portals. Enter both, kill any Minotaurs and activate 2 Menhirs.
Go all the way back to the entrance portal to this area, enter and head back
to the Hero monument, then south to the now-open gate and the last area.

Clear the Minotaurs out, another COLLECTOR is about with a [EARTH COIN].
One last Menhir to activate to open the east gate. Now. There are 5 giant
earth heads in the Labyrinth area. You want to put 1 Hero in front of each
face so it sees them and activates the treasure room heads. Send your Avatar
back to the treasure room (was north of the caged Demon area) and now you can
enter once all 5 heads are activated. Gate is open, bring your Hero's up
afterwards. Now enter the treasure room. The room has 13 chests which have to
be opened in the correct order in order to use the chests, they disappear
after opening. The EASY way is to go into 1st person view far enough away so
chests are red, then send a Hero near them to turn them green. Allows you to
loot them without needing coins, etc. If you want to do them normal, follow
the pattern here..

(1) Open the chests in this order(you can't open 3)
(2) (3) 11,4,13,8,5,12,6,10,2,7,9,1
(4) (5) All chests but #1 have a [FIRE COIN] as loot, number
(6) (7) 1 chest takes 5 [FIRE COINS] to open so you have to
(8)(9 )(10)(11) do that one last.

1) takes 5 [FIRE COINS] to open. has [SCEPTER OF THE WINDS]

Now we are almost done. There is a secret treasure area we will go to now.
We need to open the t-chest just west of the Labyrinth entrance that takes
3 [AIR COINS] to open. I would simply go into first person mode with a Hero
and grab the [STAR-SHAPED AMULET] that way, but you can use 3 coins if you
want. Head to the Menhir NE in the Labyrinth by the closed gate/portal. The
Amulet will open the gate. Kill the COLLECTOR, get his [EARTH COIN] and enter
the portal.

You'll arrive in a central location with 2 Tough demons, 7 t-chests, and
2 other portals. One on the west side and one east side. Ignore the chests
for now and head west through the portal into the west area. There are 6
lightable pillars here, an imprisoned DEMON LORD, and 3 t-chests. The pillars
are numbered

(16) (1) (32) The t-chests are numbered 21,8,26. To open them you
(8) (2) (4) need to light the pillars to add up to the t-chest.

So that means if you want to open T-chest 8, light the 8 pillar. To open
the other 2, light (21 = 16+4+1) and (26=16+8+2). To open the Demon gate
pick 5 (4+1). The Demon is easy. The chests contain [WATER COINS], plus
chest 21 has [RUNE MENTALIST GAUKUR-38]. Before you leave you want to have
pillars 8+1+14 activated (black 13) for a combo lock. Head back to the center
area then head east through the east portal to the other side. You want to
do the same thing here except multiply instead of add.

(5) (13) (3)
(11) (7) (2)

The chests are 7, 66, 130. 7 is easy, 66 (11*2*3) and 130 (13*5*2). To open
the Demon gate is 2. (just light the 2 pillar). Before you leave turn on the
2,3,5, and 11 pillars (combo red code 330 2*3*5*11). 66 chest has [HADEKO
PUPPET OF THE TRICKSTER], 130 chest has [AIR COIN - the one we needed hehe].
Now back to the center area and the 7 chests. You can fight the Hard Demons
if you want, its not worth it they have way to much health and takes too
long. Open the 7 chests.


One last thing to do. Take your force again to the SW and talk to XALABARS
about the Scepter. Give it to him, then you'll have to fight. Once he is
dead loot his body for the [EXIT KEY] and a [HEART]. Unlock the gate but
do not go in the portal yet. Head to the nearest bindstone we have a couple
things to do.

Journey to Empyria-Lower district. Talk to TUOMI and turn in all her items.
Talk to UZAKAHN to fight again, if your level 48+ you'll do his final fight.
In the Bazaar talk to MERCHANT SOPHIA and pick up [RUNE FIGHTER SYLVANA-40]
if you want. Talk to SETH just north and give him 2000 gold for his cure.
Offload any excess junk, re-outfit if you want. Jump back to the Clockwork
Crypts-Northern Hero monument. You'll see a cutscene, now the gate path just
south and east of the monument is open. Head north up the path and talk to
the ghost. Enter the portal and you can play a little minigame against TUOMI.
You cannot win this game, its just for fun. The best you can do is tie. The
computer is programmed to not let you win. So, just let TUOMI win and head
out. Go down to the portal to Darkwind Keep and head through.


Hit the bindstone when you enter, then west to a t-chest with Dwarf and Elf
workers 29, an Elf [WIND TEMPLE] and Dwarf [HALL OF VALOR]. Make sure to put
them in. Continue north and west clearing out SCYTHE TERRORS and various
undead. Hit your Hero Monument and continue west. Near the reinforcement
gate is a KEEPER OF KEYS who has the [KEY TO DARKWIND KEEP]. Forget the gate
now, head back to first bindstone then take south path, killing off more
undead and SCYTHE TERRORS. You'll swing west fighting MONKEY enemies also.

Past the rockslide head NW up the path, at the next intersection go east
winding east back around the mountain. You'll come to a Demon Root Pit area,
clear it and purify the pit and get [SEED OF THE LIFETREE]. Grab the t-chest,
head north to the upper resource area and another t-chest. Kill LORD BONGO
VIRGINIE-37]. Now down all the way back to the landslide, now head west and
around to another t-chest and more MONKEYS. Now you'll come to a large enemy
area filled with SHA fighters, BLADE warriors and SPITFLOWERS. We'll have to
resummon our Hero's a few times to clear this area.

Wade in and take down the SHA fighters. Concentrate on the healers first.
Don't let your Avatar die, if hes hurt just fall back let your Hero's fight
till the end, then resummon, regroup and head back in. Once the SHA fighters
are dead let your Avatar take down the SPITFLOWERS, then work on the BLADES.
Head north up the long stairs, grab the t-chest and continue up/west into a
large area. Go west and clear out the Skeletons around the Elf Monument area.
Now from the big area go north and clear out the BLADES/SHA forces near the
Dwarf Monument and start it. Send everyone south, start the Elf Monument and
clear the southern Dwarf monument. Station your Avatar/Heros on the north
side of the center bridge path to repel attackers. You want to get some tower
backup ASAP so concentrate on building your Elf base first.

Now the enemy forces are very strong and you won't get the upper hand easy.
This is just for farming getting some experience. You'll probably get 10-20
towers up and realize that the enemy is just too strong. Now its time to
progress. When you get a breather, move your Avatar/Heros east down the now-
open path that the BLADES are sneaking up. Go through the open landslide to
a t-chest. Head south killing any foes on the way. An alcove with MONKEYS has
2 t-chests, then SW is a large open area with an Elf and Dwarf monument.
Clear out all foes, some new GRASS foes. Now we are going to attack the enemy
from the back. Don't bother making a base, you just need your Heros. Head
back north to secure your Hero monument, and open the north gate to let in
your reinforcements. Take your group back to the south base area and send
your Hero's into the enemy camps as a distraction while your Avatar destroys
the buildings. Do the BLADES first then the SHA camp.

Once the 2 east bases are down, ignore the center group and sneak by south
and take out the 2 west bases. Pick up any t-chests about the camps. Keep
building your armies and resummoning Hero's and take out the center group.
Should be all enemies in the main area dead now, and all buildings down. Head
down the SW path to the closed gate for a cutscene. Now we have tough foes
in the final SW area, BLADE NIGHTMARES can cut down your army fast. Our first
goal is to take down the SHA buildings in the center. Max your army and
attack the base, the main goal is to take down the half-dozen or so SHA
buildings on the center hill. Just send troops and Heros, no need to risk
Titans or Avatar. Build back up after an army is defeated. Once all the
summoning buildings are down its time to block the caves. Attack with your
army and focus on a BLADE cave. You want to take down any foes around it,
plus put a couple basic troops inside the cave to keep it from summoning.
Do this with all the caves and clear all enemies from the SW area. Run about
up the paths to get the t-chests about.

One of the SHA PRISON GUARD has a [LARGE KEY] which will unlock the gate
to the SHADOW WARRIOR. The BEAST wolf is in the area also, make sure to kill
it and get its [HEART] and [HADEKO PUPPET OF THE HERO]. Once all the caves
are secure, and all foes dead go up and talk to CRAIG UN'SHALLACH. Give him
the SIGIL. Set the SHADOW WARRIOR free (actually your alternate self from
the Breath of Winter campaign). Now the gate west is open, but don't go there
yet, there's an ambush waiting. Build your army back to full strength. The
ambush won't happen until your Avatar/Shadowwarrior head west to the portal
so take the time to prepare your OWN ambush. Fill the west area with towers.
Station your own archers on the hill to the north, your melee troops by the
portal. Your Heros/titans, etc at the east side near the open gate. When
ready send your Avatar/Shadowwarrior west until the ambush happens then back
east out of harms way. Let your army wipe out the enemy. When done loot the

Activate the bindstone, loot the t-chest, but don't enter the portal yet.
Journey to Dryad Cove-Heart of the Grove and talk to the DRYAD about the
purifications. You'll get [BOWL OF THE DRYAD], [KEY TO BACK ENTRANCE] and

Journey to Empyria and go to the Temple area, where the Blind Monk, etc
is. Talk to AMBASSADOR DORKHAN about the SIGIL but don't give it to him. Kill
him and talk to CRAIG when he appears behind you. Head to the market area to
offload any items, etc. Now journey to the City Of Souls-Stone Guardians.

12) CITY OF SOULS part 2

Ok head west past the Gargoyles to the door which opens. The Gargoyles
die. Ignore CURSED GUARDIANS they heal super fast. Kill any skeletons about
and you need to head south to summon your Heros. Lure any GUARDIANS away
so you can do so. Now with your entire party you can overwhelm the Medusa
healing ability so kill off the 4 of them, plus all the other undead.
and [RUNE PRIEST BENVY-31]. Your party should be plenty strong to kill them
without using the Diamond Swords. If you need to, the Diamond swords are
used on the 4 brazier's with the gargoyle in the center outside the ruins.
Breaking a brazier will make 1 CURSED GUARDIAN weak.

Heading north kill off the CRYPT TERRORS and at the water bowl fill the
[DRYAD BOWL] with water, getting the [HOLY WATER]. Continue north to fight
some SHRIEKER MINDPROBERS and others. Your goal is to fill the bowl, then
at the north gate use the [HOLY WATER] on the access panel. The best way is
to station your Hero's at the gate, have your Avatar fill the bowl, then
can run to the gate to use it. By then your Hero's will have cleared out the
Shriekers nearby. Wipe out the rest and go north through the gate. Kill the
Demons and purify the last Demon Root Pit.

Head back to the Holy water bowl and there is a well hidden path NE. Take
it up to the next area. Use the Rune Key on the pedestal by the gate to open
it. Bypass the VICTIM to the south and kill any skeletons in the ruins. To
the east activate the bindstone, then talk to the VICTIM. Choose option 1
to save her, then head east to fight the MIGHTY DREAMCATCHER. Lure him out
of his mist so he doesn't regenerate. Once dead loot the [HADEKO PUPPET OF
THE ARCHMAGE]. Talk to the VICTIM to finish the quest. The north gate is now
open so leave and continue east, killing any skeletons in the way. You'll
come to a bindstone and another Hero monument. Activate them and grab the
[STRANGE MECHANOID] just east of the monument. If you go east you'll enter
a large area with level 50 Demons. They spawn endlessly so don't go here
unless you want to get experience to level up to 50. They are tough.

From the monument go north now to a GNOMELING. Attack it, and it will start
to multiply. After a while killing them they will stop and you can loot it.
get the [WHISPERING ROBE] and [SKULL COIN] and loot the nearby t-chest. The
ASHDANCER now appears at your Hero monument. Go fight it, and kill its
summoned undead. After a few rounds it teleports west. Go back to where you
started fighting the GNOMELING and go west, killing some GHOULS and go north
to fight the ASHDANCER again and more undead. When you are done you can loot
the dead ASHDANCER bodies to get [RUNE WARLOCK FALK-39] and [SKULL COIN]. If
you continue north you'll come to another endless spawning cave, this time
SHRIEKER type enemies. Ignore it if your level 50 or close. HIRIM the messen-
ger is west but don't worry about him. Go back to GNOMELING area and north
to fight some OLD MUMMIES.

At this spot go NE to the right to fight some SHRIEKERS and get a t-chest.
Then head NW from the OLD MUMMIES up a long path, grab a t-chest and at the
end search the ground body for the last [BANK SEAL]. Now the center area
is the HADEKO match. Access the platform and ZERBO shows up and you can chat
and learn the rules. He will place pieces on the board, and then you can.

HERO: Can beat anything but dies after
TRICKSTER: random, either weak or strong. If strong can kill all but Hero.
MENTOR: weak vs Shadow, strong vs Gatekeeper
GATEKEEPER: weak vs Mentor, strong vs Shadow
SHADOW: weak vs Gatekeeper, strong vs Mentor
ARCHMAGE: your Avatar in final fight.

So basically I would say its a rock-paper-scissors game. The Hero and Trick-
ster use against each other, with the other 3, use which ever one is strong
vs the person ZERBO plays. Gatekeeper>Shadow>Mentor>Gatekeeper. Once you
win you get [ZERBO'S HELMET]. Now head all the way out of the ruins back to
the gargoyle with the 4 braziers that need a crystal sword to break. You
have already beaten the Medusa's, so go ahead and break the crystals anyway.
You can also create a GOLEM by the portal to Red Wastes, but since we are
done here don't worry about it. The GOLEM is only used to get past those
DEATH TOWERS. Head to a bindstone and go back to Mysteria. There are a few
things left to do here.

The PUPPETMASTER near Lower District will buy any left over HADEKO puppets
you have since you are done with that mini-game. Go east to CIRCUS MASTER
SERBIO and exchange the Mechanoid for the IRFIT. The IRFIT runs off. Head to
the bank and use the 4 [BANK SEALS] to open the vault. Inside loot the chests
gaining 8 [STONE TABLETS] of Sidonie, Jochen, Marcus, Michael, Arne, Libi,
Holger, and Steffen. Take them to the Temple district and behind LYRIO are
2 hand statues. Put the 8 tablets in them and you can read some info from
the developers. Note the console command from Marcus. If you want you can go
to Raven's pass to the Troll monument, and input the following in order to
spawn the "Bride" from Kill Bill. Its not very important you can youtube it
and see, but if you really want to do it.. here is the code. Now, noting this
I have found that the Platinum edition she spawns but is bugged, she spawns
over and over from a cave east of the 4th fortress bindstone, but disappears.
Nothing I have found to fix the problem. Hopefully she works for you.

1) Open the debug menu CTRL+]
2) Type doscript("GdsVariables") then hit enter
3) Type SetGlobalFlagTrue{Name='p207_Death'} then hit enter

Journey to the Dryad Cove-Heart of the Cove and talk again to the DRYAD.
Choose to accept the ring and get [POWERFUL RING OF LIFE]. Tell her about the
IRFIT and you can feed the IRFIT now, With the 3 [MORTARS] you can feed it
3 [ARIA CRYSTALS] to turn it into a healing Ice Dragon, or 3 [HEARTS] to turn
it into a Fire Demon. Talk to the DRYAD to finish up the quest. The IRFIT
will follow you now.

You can head to Blazing Stones and finish the MOSAIC if you want. I really
didn't do that since I don't need the [SKULL COIN] the final boss drops. Go
to Darkwind Keep-Portal to the Gorge and enter the portal.

13) GORGE (of the Jungle)

Watch out for that.....TREEEE! Ok, sorry easter egg humor here. George of
the Jungle was an animated TV show character similar to Tarzan.

Now you should be close to or level 50 now, thats as high as you can go.
There isn't any need for farming so I won't give any farming advice for the
last few maps of the game. I will just walk you through them as efficiently
as possible.

Enter the map grab the bindstone and t-chest with Troll and Orc workers 29,
and Orc [FIRE TEMPLE]. Now we want to go on the offensive, but the enemy SHA
camps have DEATH TOWERS. So start your Troll monument and start building. You
want to collect wood and stone fast, we need to build a siege building plus
small/medium/large HQ to produce a Titan. We want 2-3 siege units and the
Titan Asap. Have your Avatar guard the east path into the base and your Heros
the west. Once we have a Titan and 3 siege units, we are going after the
enemy bases. Shut off your Hero and Troll monuments and send your forces down
the east path. There are 6 SHA bases, and 1 BLADE base. We want to kill the
BLADE base first to stop the SOULFORGERS. The base is due south of your base
area, in the middle. Come at the base from the north, kill any enemy so you
can get your siege guys in range to take down their tower. Once down, kill
first any SOULFORGERS, then kill the Blades in the center. Once everything
is dead loot the t-chests.

Start clearing the SHA bases starting to the NE. Again have your 3 troops
go up and clear enemy forces, then bring up your siege to destroy tower.
Turn off each SHA base on the pedestal when finished. Repeat for all 6 bases.
You can summon your Hero's back also once the BLADE base is down, to help
clear the SHA faster.

When you finish with the SHA camps and misc MONKEYS, we want to start up
our ORC base and start making Totems. The southern group of enemies stands
in the way. We will make a defensive position a little north of the group and
your Avatar will lure them up the path, picking off a little group at a time.
A few FIRE TOWERS doesn't hurt either. Your Heros/Totems and towers should
easily wipe out the small groups you can pull. Once you have all the SHA
defenders down, kill the 2 SOULFORGERS at the portal. Loot the 8 t-chests
and enter the portal to the Bone Temple.


This will be the final map area so lets get this over with. Use the bind-
stone and open the chest next to it for Elf/Darkelf/Human/Orc workers 33 and
Dark Elf [ACADEMY OF DESTRUCTION]. There are 4 of those monuments nearby but
we won't need them. The other 3 t-chests require 5 [SKULL COINS] each to
open. You can gather 15 during the game but I usually have 10 at this point.
You can simply use the first-person chest trick to get the items in the 3
chests, but if you really want to collect the coins, here are their spots..

(1) Empyria, Lower City, stolen with the Claw of Pickpocketing Skill.
(2) City of Souls, western part, dropped by the Gnomeling
(3) City of Souls, western part, dropped by one of the Ashbones (there are
three) near the spawn point of the Lv. 50 heads.
(4) Raven Pass, in a chest near the bindstone and next to the portal to the
Blazing Stones.
(5) Blazing Stones, dropped by Surt (the headless one that walks around
after you destroy all the Wolfling camps).
(6,7,8) Blazing Stones, dropped by the Grandmaster of the Mosaic after you
insert the last section.
(9) Colosseum, reward for the fifth round (Lv. 45 Heads).
(10) Colosseum, reward for the tenth and final round (Lv.50 Demons).
(11,12) Clockwork Crypts, room with the 9 lights puzzle, one in each of the
chests opened with the right combination.
(13) Clockwork Crypts, treasure room behind the five heads you have to light
up, in the chest named "Suspiria".
(14) Clockwork Crypts, one of the chests in the collection opened with the
elemental coins and the number puzzles, where the Invinceables are.
(15) The Gorge (the last map before the Bone Temple), in a chest west of a
road in the SE area.


Head NW from the monuments and you'll find WISE OF THE JUNGLE and a chest.
Have WISE follow you, he will heal you and cure annoying Pestilence spells.
There are 2 mummy bases near your camp. One is south and one east. Mummies
take a long time to kill, we want to make it shorter. Head to the east base,
dropping WISE at the stone columns we don't want him near the base. Take
your Avatar to the north side of the base drawing the spawn away. Run around
the north side keeping the spawn busy while your Shadow warrior/IRFIT, etc
destroy all 3 buildings and 3 towers. Then run all the way back to the base
picking up WISE on the way. If there are any mummy stragglers still chasing
kill them. The should return to their base though.

Repeat for the south mummy base, but that just has 1 building. Retreat to
your base. Exit the portal back into the Gorge, then return. All remaining
mummies, since their bases are gone, should reset and disappear. A lot easier
than killing the high health mummies for an hour. Now head again northeast
and in that part of the map is a large GRASS DEVIL/SPITFLOWER base. Take
down all the spawn buildings and kill all foes. A bindstone and 2 t-chests
are by the east buildings. Continue SW killing off more SPITFLOWERS and you
will arrive at a river crossing.

Go West into another base area, there are GREATER BONE FIENDS about. Clear
the base. You can head east or south, we want to head out south across the
water and then Southwest through a few more BONE FIENDS. Continue west and
you'll come to a very large BLADE base. We can't do anything yet we need
siege units to take out the DEATH TOWERS. Head back to your middle base area
then head east. You'll fight more GRASS DEVILS and careful, 2 BLADE NIGHT-
MARES. They are tough. If you get hurt bad run back across the river to heal
and don't let them kill your Shadow warrior/IRFIT. Use your Avatar to take
the brunt of the attacks. It will take you a few tries to take both of them
down, just be careful. This will free the LITTLE MONKEY but DON'T talk to
him yet otherwise the BLADES will be free to invade your area.

Now we have to start up 2 of our bases either Elf/Human or Dark Elf/Orc. I
went with Elf/Human. In the SW BLADE base we need to clear the initial towers
from in front of the gate and take down any foes and buildings. When the
entry area is clear, build tons of towers and station your troops. When the
gates go down, we want a wall of defense here. We need a couple siege troops
to take down towers, and I suggest the rest archers of some sort, along with
2 Titans, etc. When ready go talk to LITTLE MONKEY who will open the gate.
Kill any foes that approach then we can proceed to wipe out the SW base.
Between your army of archers and your siege troops you pretty much can blow
through the base easy. make your way to a couple t-chests, a bindstone, then
east to the portal to the Inner area. Make sure all buildings and foes on the
west side are dead. Release DARIUS just north of the portal and talk to him.
Now head east through the portal to the final area.

You won't have any army on the east side, but there is a Hero monument so
access that and get your Heros. Keep your Shadow Warrior and IRFIT at the
monument for safety. You and your Heros start clearing the east base of BLADE
creatures. You'll eventually come to a second Hero monument. Activate that
one then bring up your Shadow Warrior/IRFIT to that monument. There are a few
more BLADE warriors just north of the monument. Clear them out then we are
ready for the final boss. Hit BELIAL with everything you have. When he gets
hurt he will kill his followers and summon their Ghosts, keep your Avatar
on BELIAL and have your Hero's kill the Ghosts that approach. Focus only on
them, ignore any summoned elementals, etc. Of course make sure your Avatar
doesn't die. Eventually BELIAL will drop in health and be banished.

Game over, watch cutscene....kind of boring ending. Oh well.
I'm all in favor of the democratic principle that one idiot is as good as one genius, but I draw the line when someone takes the next step and concludes that two idiots are better than one genius.

Leo Szilard
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