SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Patch 1.5 adds modding support!

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SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Patch 1.5 adds modding support!

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The latest patch for SpellForce: Conquest of Eo isn't just about fixes and tweaks; it's a journey into customization and creativity. With over 80 enhancements, balance tweaks, and bug fixes, this update not only enriches the base game and its first DLC, Demon Scourge, but it also introduces modding support on PC, empowering players to shape their adventures.

To start creating their own mods, players can now dive into the Mod Developer Guide and the Mod User Guide, conveniently provided as PDFs in the game's installation folder or accessible through the Steam Forum. From crafting new items and status effects to designing unique unit promotions, the only limit is your imagination.

In a twist of fate, we've also made it easier than reciting an incantation to create localized versions of the game. Our modding guide makes it as simple as casting a spell! With the newly added modding tools, SpellForce: Conquest of Eo invites you to embark on a journey of limitless enchantment.

Patch 1.5 Changelog:

New Feature
  • You can now create MODS for the game. This allows you to change a wide variety of settings and numbers to change the way the game works. It is only basic modding support, so you can’t create your own scenarios or change the visuals, but you can change a lot of ow the game behaves.
  • Language Support – there is now an easy way to crate your own language version for the game and share that with others.
  • The construction sites now have an icon on the world map to be more visible.
  • When finishing a research, excess research now carries into storage. Does not accumulate when not researching anything.
  • Units at maximum level do not reduce the amount of XP awarded to other units in the stack anymore – they are done gathering experience.
  • The AI can now better handle destructible objects blocking its way and destroys them to reach your army.
  • Substantially sped up AI thinking time for all teleporting units (Molerider, Gargoyle, Wendigo...).
  • The Mind and Demon slots are now visually distinct, even when a demon is equipped.
  • Adjusted anchors for troll and demon units, which made certain effects disappear or look wrong on them.
  • ‘Chaotic Meld’ now always supports the node-owner's army, even when attacking an enemy on the node.
  • A unit's level up options are now displayed as a grid in the unit details, not interfering with other UI elements when having a lot of options (to all modders: up to 25 can be displayed comfortably).
  • Autoresolve was further tweaked.
  • Pandemonium’s research description more clearly hints at what it does.
  • Transition between 3d world and overview map is now faster.
  • The displayed rewards in the adventure screen can now be scrolled if there’s too many.
  • When receiving spellpages, there is a higher chance to find spell pages of your primary and secondary schools.
  • ‘Cleanse Ally’ only works on allies and does not remove ‘Rise from Ashes’ from own units.
  • ‘Tabula Rasa’ has been reworked and now removes all debuffs from ally as well as all buffs from enemy units.
  • Potent Water can now be used in battle to extinguish the Burning status effect.
  • ‘Throw Sand’ executes only one attack and does not consume all actions anymore.
  • Gravok the Hexwielder isn't slaveable/mindcontrollable anymore.
  • Weak player stacks will not trigger interrupt events, so your workers don’t get piled on all the time.
  • The Death school spell ‘Unnatural Regeneration' now works on all units, not just Undead.
  • All Demon lords are now 'Unstoppable'.
  • Improved stats of the ‘Greater Glyph of the Pathfinder’.
  • The ‘Raise Undead’ skill does not end the caster’s turn anymore.
  • Balanced the 'Command' and 'Motivate' skills to be closer in power.
  • Changed the debuff for Slaves.
  • 'Ghostly Prison' doesn't appear more than once anymore when engaging with Baron Meldec and Sevenkeeps.
  • Fixed the 'Defeat the Undead' adventure not being solvable in time when receiving it late in game.
  • Fixed the ‘Troll vs Undead’ adventure in Regan Gor having reversed outcomes.
  • The ‘Stolen Resources’ quest doesn’t appear as frequently anymore.
  • The story-relevant stack of the ‘Fireforge’ adventure will no longer "hide" in other locations and thus be hard to find.
  • 'Reclaiming Rohen's Mine’ is no longer an endless combat exploit.
  • Replaced misleading text in ‘Castle Meldec' adventure.
  • The adventures regarding the Misty Coast ‘Dragon Bones’ appear more reliable and have a clearer line of action.
  • Zacharias Menagerie adventure collecting ingredients can now be continued when visiting him again.
  • The Silver Drift Hollow city quest "The Price of Curiosity" reminds you how to complete it when revisiting it.
  • The Gladiator promotion from the Orc Barracks now gives the promised Gold after battle.
  • Fixed the ‘Rip Glyphs’ spell removing but not returning glyphs to player inventory.
  • Fixed ‘Execution’ working on any attack, regardless of description type. Now it only works for a specified type.
  • Fixed the ‘Succumbed to Wrath’ achievement for siding with Demon lord Azra'Zil (will not be awarded retrospectively).
  • Fixed the artificer’s 'Master Smith’ achievement not triggering. (For those who haven't received it by reaching 116 recipes, it should now be awarded after crafting any glyph.)
  • Fixed an issue with Autoresolve where both armies could end up with 0 HP left.
  • Fixed an issue with Autoresolve not correctly tracking damage dealt for demon level requirements.
  • Fixed the issue where the Next Action button got stuck when firing a unit with remaining level ups.
  • Fixed level ups sometimes offering an ability you already replaced (Backstab -> Assassinate -> Backstab).
  • Fixed issue where glyphs would disappear when converting a unit to another type (Zombify, Sacrificial Summon...) that had more than one glyph.
  • Daze now works immediately when applied, reducing the target's max actions in battle to 2.
  • Fixed an issue where old CPUs (without AVX) would not run the game.
  • The ‘Experience Gain’ spell now correctly factors in the target's experience bonus/malus and prevents you from casting it on units with -100% experience gain or lower.
  • The ‘Praise the Sun’ spell now applies the correct amount of XP to all units to reach their next level up.
  • Fixed rare occasions where locations/stacks would not spawn properly through events and hinder progress.
  • Fixed an issue where faction introductions triggered from inside other adventures (e.g. spotting Yria for the first time while freeing Rohan’s mine) would cause some havoc to the game.
  • Reduces volume of some sounds effects that were too loud (Equality in Death, First Aid, Choking Fumes, Hexwielder's Curse).
  • Fixed ‘Demonic Slaughter’ not properly applying when killing with ranged or ability attacks.
  • The visuals of the ‘Summoning Circle’ are now displayed correctly immediately when casting and adapt to the environment instead of clipping into hills or oher landscape features.
  • Fixed an issue where certain visual effects would crash and not display and play sound properly.
  • Fixed Wendigo and Minions, who were visually shooting projectiles out of their feet.
  • Demon Lord Rav Ozeal's animation for ‘Breathe Fire’ does not take so long anymore.
  • Fixed a multiplication issue of values when fusing together two Smoker demons.
  • Fixed Troll Totems (and other skills with charges) not being limited by charges, thus being usable indefinitely.
  • Fixed several German typos.
  • Fixed visual effect for 'Burrow’ skill sometimes not appearing.
  • Fixed the issue with mind-controlled units being shown as alive after battle and messing up the displayed result.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred in battle when standing on a reviving unit and blocking all hexes surrounding it as well. Unit will revive on the closes free space.
  • Fixed the issue with enslavement, where sometimes a status effect in battle was applied permanently to an enslaved unit even on the world map.
  • Fixed controller navigation in unit detail screen for units with more than one Mind/Demon slot.
  • Fixed applying too many negative health modifiers (e.g. the ‘Kobold’ demon) leading to negative health values, which caused several other problems.
  • Fixed unit role icon for ‘Troll Cannibal’.
  • Prohibited adventures from deleting player tower
  • Fixed an issue in location spawning where a location could be selected instead of an empty tile
  • Fixed a hotfix introduced bug, where you couldn't research new spells after researching every available spell and then getting new pages
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