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Community project

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I have already announced my plans for my overhaul mod in my post [/].
While searching for help, I came across a person who advised me to do the following. Since implementing my ideas as a separate mod would be very costly, it might make more sense to reprogram the game. To do this, I would have to get the rights to the game and have the game remade by a studio.
This idea won't let me go, so I'll ask the community what you think.
THQ probably won't hand over the rights on the game that easily. Therefore, everything would have to be made from scratch, which would also bring problems and risks.
If an agreement can be reached with THQ, it would be a project by the community for the community. Therefore, if necessary, I would open a document that records relevant input from you, as well as ask you for financial support.

I repeat my question. What do you think of the idea?

I was specifically asked to state that this forum is only a platform for my idea, which was not provided by the forum.
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