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The Forum - the only place for the community left it seems

Post by NeoX »

What times we live in, are truly sad and horrible to encounter. Sadly i have to announce that they now managed to bully me off, not only on discord (the so called official), but also on the Steam community hubs.
I see myself forced to stop helping the community in support & content and are forced to leave them over to the horrible management of the "officials". There will never be a single post by me and our work here on discord or the steam community forums. If someone seeks true help and support, please find a true free server ( with me on it or preferable the forum here. index.php

All our work on Steam has been removed without any valid reason. If you do not work for them and their personal goals, you are just the enemy.
So if you look for any new content patches, mods our guides, this forum is now the only place to go. Lets make the best out of it.

These are sad times for sure and i only hope these who do that, won't be able to cause this forever.
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Re: The Forum - the only place for the community left it seems

Post by 0z2y »

Sad news indeed. :frown:

They banned V6, a guy that has an undeying love for SpellForce for insane reasons and now this. :eek:

Well, a company that allows such power-hungry fellas running the place is bound to loose its paying clients sooner or later because if we don't trust or don't like what we see, we will not consume their produt.
What I mean is the folks dealing with the players, their costumers, should be imparcial and not bound to petty grudges. That will reflect back into the company that has employees like that scaring potential clients away.
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Re: The Forum - the only place for the community left it seems

Post by Joss »

i was also removed from spellforce discord a year ago after my lore facts ,,offended someone,, while they couldn't tell me who, all i brought up was that there were no female orcs or black dwarfs, from which the latter i provided screenshot of spellforce 1 free game mode map where Dark Dwarf enemies appear, but it was a elder module while dark refered as evil, they responded by sending me screenshot of elder textures to prove that black (presumably african) dwarves existed but these had darker shade of skin tones which were there to add shade or shadowy effect to Dwarf Elder unit.
i suspect the offended guy was someone named Farlorn as he was primary antagonist who often got my chat or reactions deleted.

They asked me to stop talking about these topics or be removed, which i naturally disagreed as devout fan to franchise and there was that. Unfortunately, i was removed immediately, they didn't even give me time to respond onwards or take screenshots of that private chat
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Re: The Forum - the only place for the community left it seems

Post by Wormic »

Not surprised at all, the official discord is more or less just a place for positive circlejerking. If you don't want to do that or, god forbid, bring up issues, you're the problem. But hey, with how inactive that discord is becoming, I don't mind at all :wave:
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