Developer Insight #2 - Matters of Lore -

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Developer Insight #2 - Matters of Lore -

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Greetings, esteemed wizards,

Today we want to talk a bit about lore. As many of you have pointed out, the world of Eo has a rich and varied history, and this is made no less complex by the fact that the first two games and their expansions are set on the timeline of the world after the third game, which is set before the Convocation. The Convocation is the cataclysmic event that shook the world of Eo in the first two games.

Our game is set right between the story of the last game and the Convocation, and so we had to delve into history a bit - what did the world look like at that time, who was alive and who wasn't, what creatures were there? Fortunately, the loremasters in the SpellForce community helped us a lot, pointing out historical errors and mistakes. This created something that we consider a kind of bridge between the two generations of SpellForce. But that raises another problem - how can we create a game that doesn't change the "future" of Eo's timeline, and still leave enough room for you to explore and expand your own story?

That's why we're focusing on you as the mage and the coven - we're not going to rewrite history by conquering nations or overthrowing kingdoms. Instead, it's a journey of magical power and knowledge that will take you across the world map in search of the secrets of Allfire.

As you can see from this abstract map, we begin in the Highmark, which is ruled by humans but is a diverse and interesting area bordered by the Middlemountains, Orc and Dwarven nations, and under constant pressure from all sides.


Audale, Connach, Lyraine and other small towns are scattered throughout the region, and befriending one of them can be very useful in gaining access to their resources. Of course, Siebenburg dominates the area and holds many interesting locations and new adventures.


Speaking of adventures: While you play a (soon to be) powerful mage in the game, we naturally wanted to have one of the main pillars of SpellForce: Heroes and their individual stories.

Each hero who joins you has a different story to tell, which will also be explored through your Grimoire - initially very little is known about your new companions, but further adventures and research will reveal new aspects of your heroes and give you more and more background. Or in the case of Lore, the dwarven alchemist and bomb maker, new ways to blow things up.


This way you unlock more reasons to explore the game world and embark on new adventures. And you can really make a dwarf very happy.
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