The whole SpellForce Hub and Wiki now on the go for Android!

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The whole SpellForce Hub and Wiki now on the go for Android!

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Dear community,

I come today to you with good news! In the year of our 20th anniversary of sticking together and enjoying the wonders of Eo, it is now possible to have the whole community fan hub and all its knowledge comfortable in your hand! That’s right, from now on you can browse the wiki, check the lore and stay up to date with the news all around SpellForce on android phone!

We proudly present to you:
The SpellForce - Fan Hub & Wiki App
  • - Get your news
  • - Browse the wiki for knowledge and guides
  • - Explore the forum
  • - Embrace the lore
  • - Explore the world of Eo geographically
Get it right here: ... e_hub_wiki

Or scan it here:
From the community, for the community! No advertisements or any other BS included. This is for the players, not for profit!

May Aonir bless you all
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