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Background mechanics of Spellforce

Post by Alex18sb »

I was asked to make the research I did on my mod available online.
Therefore, I would like to point out first of all that everything that follows is based on my own observations and calculations.

My investigations of the "Spellforce professorship :biggrin: :wallbash:" are not finished yet, so I will add more information, but here are my findings so far.

I start with a table, with the multipliers read from the 1.54 gamedata, with which the individual values are calculated.
As an example a character lvl 20 with 50 stamina -> 770% HP factor-> 7.7 x 50 stamina = 385 HP.
A note on the dmg and armor factor. As far as my research has shown, the avatar remains unaffected by these or I could not investigate the influence correctly using Extended UI Mod.
As far as research has shown, the dmg and armor factors only apply to your own RTS units that you summon at the Rune Monument (heroes excluded). This also means that enemy units are not affected by dmg and armor factors.
The HP amount of the units is a fixed value, which can be determined from the stamina of the unit and a percentage set in the gamedata. For avatars from lvl 31 onwards, there is a fixed value on top, which increases with each lvl up. Exactly how high this is, has not yet been investigated.
The HP regeneration is also dependent on the stamina and is calculated according to the formula:
= round ( ( 2 / 300 ) x stamina x CharLvl + 0,55 ).

At this point I think it is useful to note that Spellforce works without decimal values, which is why the formula described here does NOT correspond to the formula Spellforce actually works with. The graphical curve thus described just happens to correspond to the one Spellforce uses.
Correctly, I would have to use "round down" instead of "round" so that the unusable decimal places are correctly observed. The whole thing doesn't sound like a big act at first, but in practice it has a big impact.

The mana amount is calculated from the wisdom of the unit and a fixed percentage from the gamedata. As far as I know, there is no fixed value for avatars on top. The mana regenerates every 6.4 seconds This time is fixed and cannot be changed.
Mana regeneration is calculated as follows:
= round down (CharLvl x 2 + Int / 10) .
Since many have talked about the mystery of the proc chance of weapon enchantments: Yes there is a formula for that; Yes you can influence it; No it doesn't make a significant difference if you are not a defensive-boons-mage.
The formula for proc chance is:
= 5% + ((Dex + Int) / 20)%
If you have several enchantments on a weapon and want to calculate the proc chances, you should keep in mind that these have to be calculated according to a tree diagram scheme.

My research on "How much does agility really does" is still starting, but first tests show that you can never get below 25% and never above 75% hit/dodge chance.

Let us now turn to weapon speeds.
Here are two tables, where the left column shows ingame atk speed in % and the right column RL times in sec.
Melee Weapon.PNG
Now follow two tables on defence values and a few statements on my part.
There are people who say "you don't need more armor class above 150 armor class, because then you hardly get any more Dmg Reduction and have already reached 75% Dmg Reduction anyway". This is also true, BUT what these people have obviously completely missed is that every % Dmg Reduction above 75% deflects significantly more damage than every % Dmg Reduction below 75%. To cut a long story short, it's still worth paying attention to your armor class and continuing to increase it depending on how many dmg you probably get.
On magic defence, I must confess that I'm spreading a bit of rumours here away from the diagramm, because I'm not basing the following on exact numbers, but on a "feeling" and observations. For the hit chance of physical attacks, a min value of 25% or a max value of dodge probability of 75% is shown. For the resist probability of spells, no min or max value is shown, but I claim that there is one. I claim that this is 15% min and 85% max based on observation.
For one thing, if you carry the Shadow Sword and have literally 0 resistance, you can still resist spells. Just like you can hit enemies with spells that actually can't be hit by spells due to level difference.Speaking of lvl difference, also a point based only on observation, where virtually everyone is clueless.I created items for myself to examine all resistances in steps of 5 and create this diagram.Because if you hover over the resistance values ingame, you are told what percentage the value actually protects.From here on, observations again. Already a lvl difference of 1 compared to the caster provides for approx. 30% increase or decrease of the displayed resistance values. The higher the lvl difference, the more exponential the percentage boost of the values, until at a lvl difference of 10 you can virtually assume that the spell hits or doesn't hit, were it not for the max or min cap. Absolute immunity only exists at the exact value of 1000.
In the diagram, the y-axis shows the resistance probability in % and the x-axis shows the ingame resistance points.
Let us now turn to spells
As for Domination spells, once there is Dominate Undead, which is not affected by Charisma and thus would be more or less the strongest version if it were not limited to Undead. Normal domination has to meet a charisma breakpoint to work properly. For this, one must always have reached >Maxcap Charisma -2 for the corresponding lvl. Otherwise you cannot use the spell. Dominate animals is the weakest version, because both, the breakpoint has to be fulfilled and there are only a few possible uses.
As far as white auras are concerned, there is also a breakpoint of 35 charisma. Below 35 Charisma, white auras are weaker than provided for in the gamedata, above 35 Charisma they are stronger than provided for in the gamedata. Exactly 2% of the basic value of the aura per charisma point. (Basic value of the aura 10% -> each charisma point brings 0.002% bonus).
For mental spells like hypnosis there are similar multipliers, but these have not yet been examined.

So much for the wall of text.
If there are any corrections or comments, please let me know.
Alex18sb :D
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Update minor Mistake

Post by Alex18sb »

The Charisma Breakpoint for Dominate is not max Charisma -2, but rather +2. For Modders, when you change the Attributes Cap, the Breakpoint don't move, so there is moreover a function behind this -> Charisma Breakpoint = 40 + Char lvl * 2.
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