Developer Insight #5 - Encounter with the Circle -

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Developer Insight #5 - Encounter with the Circle -

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Encounter with the Circle!

Venerable Mages,
The year is coming to an end, and we arebiting diligently to improve the game. Today we want to give you a little insight into the mages that you will encounter as opponents in the game.


Thanks to the fantastic art of our art director Dominik Mayer, they have faces to their names that are much more than just a portrait and capture the essence of each.

As many of you may know, the Coven of Mages plays a central role in the history of SpellForce and in the future of the time period in which our game is set. When we meet the Coven in Conquest of Eo, it has been around for about a century. After discovering Allfire and learning how to use it, its power kept growing.


The mages of the Circle are so engrossed in the study and practice of magic that they rarely venture out of their studies and towers, instead sending out minions or using servants to subtly influence events in the world.
With the founding of the Circle, the art of magic has seen a resurgence. Magic is now abundant and academies have sprung up all over the world to teach it.
It is these academies that you will seek out to gather your own apprentices, so that you can harness their powers and train them to be leaders of your forces and spreaders of your influence.


The coven of mages looks upon your expansion with concern: their job is to watch over magic and keep it from becoming a destructive force, and your ambitions are seen by many as dangerous. Others see a kindred spirit and may seek alliances - if you are willing to further their goals in return. In each game there is a selection of mages of the coven, who differ in character and behavior in each run.
The coven - like everything in the game - is neither good nor evil, morality is a matter of choice, and its members come from all races: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and dark elves, each with their own goals and interests.


It will be difficult to get along with any of them, unless you want to limit your own ambitions and goals. Think twice before making an enemy of one or all of them, because their power is great. As the game progresses, they learn new tricks and magic that can be quite a challenge.
So choose your path wisely and decide when to strike and when to keep the peace... if you can.

We look forward to your comments and see you again next year with another Developer Insight!

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