[MOD] RTS-Horde Old Whisper (Map)

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[MOD] RTS-Horde Old Whisper (Map)

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RTS-Horde Old Whisper (Skirmish Coop Design Edition)

What is “RTS-Horde”?

RTS-Horde is a mode in form of a mission or map/scenario where one player alone or in a Coop team with up to 4 players stands against waves of enemies with their RTS-camps, armies, heroes and have a target to protect. The player(s) win if they manage to stand all waves without to wipe or the defense target dies. The too expected playtime to finish this mode is around 90 min. If you need a break, just save the game and continue whenever you want.

What’s the story?

The town Old Whisper is a very rich town that is desired by many people all over Eo, not only for its riches, but also for its strategic location and healthy lands. This land was included in wars and skirmish all the time, but this time it seems to be different. Rumors say that many enemies of the town have allied and plan to start a combined attack on the town. When these rumors reached the mayor of the town, mercenary were hired to help defend the town. Let’s hope this investment was not misplaced.

How to setup the Player Lobby?

The mod-map/scenario “[RTS-Horde] Old Whisper” is a 1-4 Player PVE Coop map-mod based on the skirmish game mode. So just go to the skirmish section and select “Solo” if you want play alone/locally or “Costume” if you want to play it in online or network coop with other players. This map will be listed as a 6 player map so you will find it on the right end of the map-list.

Select it and choose “Destroy Capitol” as the game mode. Player-Slot 1-4 is for you and your friends/AI. Set all Player-Slots 1-4 to Team 1. The 5th Player-Slot is for the AI you will have to defend. Just give it a “passive AI” and also put it in Team 1. The 6th slot is for the enemy logic. The level does not matter so just give it also a “passive AI” in Team 2.

That’s all you need to do and you are ready to start :-) Have fun!

This mod is included in the "SpellForce 3 - Universal Reforced Content Patch" (1.4).
Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/spellforce- ... t-patch-10
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