All Plans + Runes and their locations

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All Plans + Runes and their locations

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All Plans + Runes Locations

City of Souls:
After the Cutscene with the Masked (BoW Part): Lichking Ankthar Level 27

Onyx Shores:
With a TOoD avatar from the Lichking: Lichking Ankthar Level 27
Chest next to the bindstone in the northwest: Dog Kennel (Human), Human Worker Level 17

Chest near Alyah: Priest Lukios Level 25, Mentalist Ada Level 25, Archer Corey Level 26, Warlock Orvo Level 26
Merchant Sinikka at the basar: Mage Ayla Level 27, Fighter Bjarne Level 28, Warrior Sunder Level 27, Mentalist Cerdo Level 28, Archer Alahnna Level 30
If you help Seth Dundred and give him 2000 gold: Warlock Nuala Level 29

Blackwater Coast:
Laurin (Quest from the dwarf after entering the Red Wastes): Dwarf Glamrig Level 30

Red Wastes:
Chest next to the Orc monument: Orc Worker Level 25, Warboar Pit, Orc Worker Level 19

City of Souls West:
Cursed Guardian after the Gargoyles: Priest Benvy Level 31
Ashdancer: Warlock Falk Level 39

Raven Pass:
Upper chest eastern from the troll monument: Darkelve Worker Level 22, Troll Worker Level 22, Darkelve Worker Level 21, Troll Worker Level 21
Inferior Chest eastern from the troll monument: Human Worker Level 23, Elf Worker Level 23, Dwarf Worker Level 23, Orc Worker Level 23, Troll Worker Level 23, Darkelve Worker Level 24
Chest next to the troll monument: Pixie House (Elves), Nest (), Shadow Tower (Dark Elves), Siege Workshop (Trolls)
Ump (next to the Trolls in the south near the portal to the Blazing Stones): Rune Ump Level 33

Blazing Stones:
Surt (in the Lava area): Medusa Xyllah Level 36

1st Round: Priest Roluf Level 33
4th Round: Warlock Sinistro Level 35
6th Round: Archer Saija Level 39
8th Round: Priest Siri Level 40

Catlan (in the northeast): Mentalist Catlan Level 31
Chest next to the Human Monument: Star Monastery (Humans), Stone Ram House (Dwarves), Human Worker Level 25, Dwarf Worker Level 25

Clockwork Crypts:
Chest next to the hero monument in the north (where the titans are): Fighter Tuuve Level 32, Archer Trasylon Level 33
Alternative Way (after the guards) Left chest (8 bars): Fighter Syrene Level 36
Alternative Way (after the guards) Right chest (6 bars): Archer Ulme Level 36
Treasury Chest "Zerbitia": Warrior Inke Level 34
Treasury Chest "Zerbitia": Mage Halvar Level 34
Upper chest with the black numbers: Mentalist Gaukur Level 38
Chest in the labyrinth of the demons (North): Warrior Ygor Level 38

Darkwind Keep:
Chest eastern from the portal to the Clockwork Crypts: Wind Temple (Elves), Hall of Valor (Dwarves), Elf Worker Level 29, Dwarf Worker Level 29
Prince Bongo (southeastern from the portal to the Clockwork Crypts on a mountain): Priest Virginie Level 37
Lower Soulforger: Mage Uska Level 37

The Gorge:
Chest at the beginning next to the portal: Fire Temple (Orcs), Orc Worker Level 29, Troll Worker Level 29

Bone Temple:
Chest next to the bindstone at the beginning: Academy of Destruction (Darkelves), Darkelve Worker Level 33, Orc Worker Level 33, Elf Worker Level 33, Human Worker Level 33
Southwestern chest at the Portal to the Gorge: Warrior Chandi Level 43
Southeastern chest at the Portal to the Gorge: Archer Finian Level 43
Northeastern chest at the Portal to the Gorge: Mage Lemuel Level 43
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