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Mulandir - tips/info/FAQ

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Since these questions tend to crop up with some deal of regularity I'm sticking this info. If anyone has something else to add or ammendments you think I should make then PM me the details and if relevant I'll credit you with the tip here.

How to beat the medusas and gargoyles on this map?

I wasn't the first to notice any of the following but this, based on an old post of mine, is all in one place:

The trick to the map is to watch where the individual medusas patrol. It's not that hard to figure, especially when you'll be wanting to take them down one at a time and therefore only need watch their patrol route one at a time.

First you need to clear out the gargoyles, the easy bit, so you aren't faced with overwhelming numbers. Conveniently, they spaced the gargoyles out and made it so that every gargoyle on the map comes alive at once when you are spotted by a medusa. Therefore, simply wait for the patrolling medusa to go away from your chosen gargoyle harvest and then send your least used hero to become the sacrifical lamb. Arrange your avatar and remaining heroes as you wish around the gargoyles you intend to irradicate and have the sacrifical hero trot off to get spotted by a medusa, any will do as long as they see him/her. Now the gargoyles come alive and you deal with them. Rinse and repeat, not forgetting to ressurect your heroes, esp the one you are using as a sacrifice.

Note: you should always leave one medusa alive until all the gargoyles have been destroyed (or you can't awaken the gargoyles). The one I always choose is in the central area of the map (on the north-south axis) and patrols farthest to the west, near the location of the named demon you get the blood from.

In some spots it can be tricky eg that central path that runs E-W where more than 4 gargoyles will be in aggro range but it's simple enough to run (or 'pull' them to anyone familiar with MMOG terminology), taking out just one or two at a time. If you're nearer L25 than L20 then the whole process of ridding the map of gargoyles, medusas and demons can become more tedious than difficult, by the time you've killed most of them. That's not to say the map is difficult at a lower level (I'm usually low 20's and never found it particularly hard) but everything gets easier with levels.

If you just want to bypass the medusas, again watch their patrol routes and run past when they are elsewhere. It's not hard at all as there are several spots where none patrol so fighting demons can be done safe from being petrified. The only place where you may end up fighting demons + gargoyles/medusas is to the right of the path where you first come in, somewhat north of that first monument.

One more thing, if you don't want to face the gargoyles and medusas don't let temptation to open chests affect your decision. The chests in the medusa patrolled areas contain pretty crappy stuff on the whole, certainly not worth running the gauntlet just to open them.

Where is the portal to the rift?

It is to the east of the map, past the dragons (once the gate is open) and as far east as you can go. It's a fairly common mistake for players to stand at the closed gate immediately east of shard quest guy in the center of the map. Speak to him to open the correct gate but this one, almost next to him, does not lead to the rift portal.

Where is the portal to Farlorn's Hope?

The portal to Farlorn's Hope is located as far north and west as you can go on this map. To get there you don't have to dodge many medusas but you will have imps and demons to fight.
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