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Patch 1.02 + Editor

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Download: ... hp?lang=EN

New Features
  • Replay of Skirmish/PvP and Free Game Mode matches.
  • Map-Editor.
  • Portals now have a tooltip indicating where they are connected to.
  • In the free game mode the quest book now shows the amount of free traders saved by the player.
  • Kor can no longer die in the wrong places.
  • Bug with one of the chests on the map “Crater” was fixed.
  • Matricus now leaves “The Needle” correctly.
  • When revisiting “Iron Fields”, General Einar could appear too early.
  • When you blew the horn on Norimar when blowing the horn just seconds before the timer ended, you would get a “Game over” anyway.
  • Bug fixed on “The Needle” where the portals do not open if you never talked to Einar or Karan.
  • Lemuel on “Sevenkeeps” now gives you a reward.
  • Some more Drakkar players added to “Sevenkeeps”.
  • Bug fixed in the Alyre dialogue.
  • Englisch Version: Fixed wrong take in Ylias Dialog in „Sevenkeeps“.
  • “Rushwater Downs”: Professor Twiddle will always help you to defeat Mauser now.
  • “Norimar”: The Castle can only be entered if all four towers are lit.
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with Redmund.
  • Minor rebalancing of all PvP-maps.
  • The hurricane spell could damage neutral NPCs.
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