Problems with the Data Editor

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Problems with the Data Editor

Post by Adwana »


I need help with the SFII data editor because of the following three problems.

I) I can't change the abilities of NPC units. I can neither add new abilities nor change or delete existing abilities. If I change an NPC's abilities and then save, those changes are reset.

II) The same applies when I create new armour. I cannot set the "type" in the equipment paths for female users. As a result, I cannot use the armour in the game for female characters as it is not displayed.

III) I also have the problem that when I create new spells, they have no effect on the target. The units that are created with these new spells also cast them, but mana is deducted ... but they have no effect, and no corresponding effect is played on the target.

Any help or (if this is a general problem) a update would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Problems with the Data Editor

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The first two problems you had are now fixed in the new update, check it out ! viewtopic.php?t=161 (last post link)
Thanks for letting me now of those issues.

For the spell issue, sadly they are hardcoded, meaning that creating a new spell is out of option (unless you do very basics, specifics things with it). The best you have is to edit an existing spell. There are some unused, so maybe go with them.

Happy modding !
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