SpellForce 2 - Master of War 4.1 Update releases!

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SpellForce 2 - Master of War 4.1 Update releases!

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Today SpellForce 2 - Master of War received a new update for Windows and Android (mobile) that addreses some reported visual issus and net-code issues combined with some IPv6 protocolls. Next to some bug-fixes and improvements there is also a new enemy for the Singleplayer mode (vs AI). Find out more in the changelogs. Enjoy everyone!

SpellForce 2 - Master of War Changelog 4.0000 -> 4.1000
This game is the digital recreation of the physical published “SpellForce 2 Shadow Wars” card game of 2006, of the Collector's Edition of SpellForce 2. This game is a non-commercial fan project, which is not intended to infringe the rights of third or adversely affect other rights.

Detailed infos: http://www.sf2-mow.keepfree.de/

SF2-MoW @ Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... of_War_4_0


- expanded IPv6 local network support [Windows|Android]
- fixed a bug where in windowed mode the game height was incorrectly calculated [Windows]
- fixed a visual bug where the shaikan bowman had only 1 attack point, but was intended to have 2 [Windows|Android]
- fixed a potential bug when summoning was used in a network game with a certain drop-deck situation [Windows|Android]
- fixed a visual bug where the ´front-line spell identification did not show the correct unit-card able to use a spell [Windows]
- extendet net-code [Windows|Android]
- fixed a bug where in multiplayer the game field was multiple times loaded when remote magic-animations were triggered [Android]
- fixed a visual bug where fly-unit spy ability did show incorrect unit backgrounds [Android]
- fixed a potential visual bug where in 2 player matches on the same device the cache was not always reset [Windows|Android]
- fixed a bug where on android the multiplayer-account creation button did not always call the browser [Android]
- added a new lvl 25 enemy for singleplayer(AI) with an "end-game" mixed-army deck (12,5% encounter chance) [Windows|Android]
- added a tutorial button into the info&army menu that calls the manual pdf [Android]

Based on the origial cardgame out of the SpellForce 2 Collectors-Edition of 2006, SpellForce 2 - Master of War (SF2-MoW) is a turn based strategy cardgame based on the setting of Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars and designed by Jan Wagner, but reinvisioned and expanded with more content and features then its original paper origin.

Copyright & Development:
Idea & Copyright (Content & Cards): SpellForce © by THQ Nordic AB, Sweden

Original Design & Idea:

Jan Wagner

Game Development & Remake Idea:
IT-Huskys Dev Group

Windows: http://www.sf2-mow.keepfree.de/download.html
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... of_War_4_0
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