SF2 – Master of War -> Feature question

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SF2 – Master of War -> Feature question

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Greetings everyone! As the developer of SpellForce 2 – Master of War (Forces of Eo), we always like to listen to feedback to bring even more joy to the players.
For these who do not know what SpellForce 2 – Master of War (Forces of Eo) is have a little overview:
It’s a collective RPG card game with local network multiplayer, but can also be played in singleplayer versus the AI, where you can build your own deck by winning and collecting new cards/units. Its a complete uncommercial fan project for free that also works completely offline and has no advertisement or anything like that included for Android and Windows.

Game Info: http://www.sf2-mow.keepfree.de/the_game.html
Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... 0&hl=en_US

Now we got the question if we could expand the singleplayer part of the game with some sort of campaign or story mode. After some thinking what would be reasonable and low performance hardware friendly we came up with the idea of creating our own version of something like “Yu Gi Oh! Forbidden Memories” ( ). Now this is something that will take up quite some time and also will require some resources to do so.
So we would like to ask if you would like to play such a mode where you would be leaded trough a story with many battles in between that will add new cards to your collection and custom deck/army to play with. Or do you think its fine with AI RNG enemies like it is right now for the singleplayer? Feedback would be highly appreciated to see if the amount of development effort and resources would be reasonable for such a game feature.

Thank you everyone for your time and possible feedback on this!
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