1.54 Several Mods!

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1.54 Several Mods!

Post by Rakshir »

Hello dear community

I have provided some lost mods for SpellForce 1.54 (Beta Branch on Steam) for you. They were not developed by me but provided for the community. :)

Just unzip the files and overwrite them in the game directory. Don't forget to make a backup of the original files before!

Extendet UI:
Gives any still so small detail info you could use. -> like in SF2 when you hover with the mouse over the character.

The avatar doesn't have to be attacked anymore to react with ranged weapons, but shoots at everything in range.

FogOfWar Saved:
Saves the FoW, just like the 1.6 does as well

There are a few frames where characters with ranged weapons briefly switch to the starting position and then only do the ranged animation again. With the mod these "useless" frames are cut away and there is a clean ranged combat.

Ensures that every AI can use (almost) every spell. In addition, some spells are also changed sensibly. Earth magic, for example, is only so crap because there is a multiplier missing, which is present in weapons. This was added here for example.

ensures that you can keep more than one aura active and can also perform other spells.

yes you can roll back your character via alt+shift+ctrl+r and redistribute all skills and attribute points (Attention! the game can't display more than 255, so lvl 50 chars are only saved with already distributed attribute points. The points are correctly backrolled even if it is not displayed correctly, but saving makes it buggy). If a virus warning appears, please ignore it because this is not the case!

I hope you have fun with it. :wink:
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Re: 1.54 Several Mods!

Post by 0z2y »

Since I got someone asking me how to unpack some of the mods posted by the OP, and because I noticed that some of them also don't have a Read_Me file, here are those (and some more) mods ready to use simply by unpacking them into the SpellForce.exe folder.
  • Respec by AngelTrump
    Reset and rearrange the skill points of your main character.
    Respec by AngelTrump.rar
  • Multiple Auras by AngelTrump
    Enable the use of more than one aura active and can also perform other spells.
    Multiple_Auras by AngelTrump.rar
  • Weapon DPS by AngelTrump
    Show how much damage per second a weapon does
    incompatible with Extended UI - Don't install both!
    Weapon DPS by AngelTrump.rar
  • Extended UI by AngelTrump
    This mod adds several extensions to the game UI which aim to provide detailed information about various parts of the game.
    incompatible with Weapon DPS - it supersedes it.
    Extended UI by AngelTrump.rar
  • Item Cheater by AngelTrump
    Enable a console command to get any item into your inventory
    Item Cheater by AngelTrump.7z
NOTE: This mods are shared as they are. Since I'm not the author, no support is provided by me.
And if the author request it, they may be taken down at any time.

I do hope you have fun with them, meanwhile. :biggrin:
Enjpy. :wink:
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