[MOD] Peak Mountains (Journey Map)

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[MOD] Peak Mountains (Journey Map)

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[Journey] Peak Mountains


Alright, here are the details for your next mission. A dragon has appeared in the old abandoned fortress of Peak Mountains. Normally we would not care if some old beast made his new home in an old ruin like that, but since the dragon arrived, he started to corrupt the lands all around him. Undead started to walk the lands, wild animals behaving very strange and even the local people are getting more and more corrupted and insane. If this does not stop and spreading, all of Nortander will be in danger! Well, the mission is the following, make your path to the old abandoned fortress - maybe slay everything on the way that attacks you - , find the dragon, kill it and bring back peace to these lands.
Difficulty and Design:

Type: RPG

Recommended level: 1 – 16


You can start this map as your 1st map after Everlight, because it was designed that the start is only crowded by easy mobs who can be killed by even lvl 1 chars to get some 1st exp and gear. The further you go the stronger the enemies become, but thanks to the checkpoint and progress-flag system, your progress is saved at certain points and restored on reentering the map(s). So if the map or the enemy gets to hard for you to progress, you can just leave the map with the progress you have reached so far (after a checkpoint save), and continue later with a better equipped and leveled char. Not having to start the map all over.

This mod is included in the "SpellForce 3 - Universal Reforced Content Patch" (1.4).
Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/spellforce- ... t-patch-10
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