[MOD] Udat (Journey Map)

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[MOD] Udat (Journey Map)

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[Journey] Udat


Years ago, you left your Udat for Fiara with the goal of studying at the prestigious University of Sevenkeeps. Though you learned a lot in that time, a part of you always longed for the day you will return to your hometown. Today is that day, but as you approach a port near Udat, you sense something being amiss. The clouds in the sky become increasingly dark and faint smoke is visible on the horizon. As soon as you feet touch ground, you make haste, however; once Udat is in sight, you stop dead in your tracks. The city is in flames, most of its outskirts already nothing but glowing embers. Is it an attack? Who is behind it? There's no time for these questions now. You pick up the pace and rush towards it, desperately searching for any survivors.
Difficulty and Design:

Type: RPG

Recommended level: 5 – 19


This map is a little nice compact grinding map for XP and coins with some nice reward loot (chests) at the end. In 25-30min of total playtime you will fight against stronger and stronger waves of enemies and try to defend the NPC’s at the center. The longer you hold, the stronger the enemies become, but also the better the XP and loot gets, and yes of course it saves your progress with every wave you mange to survive. No Progression and restoring feature this time. This is more a nice compact grind and farm map to repeat over and over again to your liking.

This mod is included in the "SpellForce 3 - Universal Reforced Content Patch" (1.4).
Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/spellforce- ... t-patch-10
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