[MOD] Wastelands Speer (Journey Map)

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[MOD] Wastelands Speer (Journey Map)

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[Journey] Wastelands Speer


Now listen well old friend. This is my final mission for you and the hardest one for sure. I hope my last missions trained you well and prepared you for this one. You got a contract to help reestablish an outpost on Xu, south of the Wasteland desert at the foot of the mountains. Last time, it failed because of missing resources, but more importantly, because they had no water. For that, some mages created a crystal that summons water and turned that outpost to an oasis. The problem, the orcs that hold these lands with an iron fist, have noticed that and are now sieging the outpost to get their hands on it. Go there, end the siege, and make the surrounding lands safe, so this does not happen ever again. I wish you luck my friend
Difficulty and Design:

Type: RPG

Recommended level: 20+


This map was designed to be the “end game content” for the Journey mode. You should only play this map if you have cleared and finished all other maps available in the Journey Mode. Here you will encounter only the strongest mobs and bosses the games unit database has to offer. As rewards you will get “ancient coins”, since I expect the players to already have the best items and gear at this point. In this map you will encounter 6 multistage boss fights and multiple very hard mob groups to challenge your skills and gear. I added a progression flag and checkpoint system again, so you can take a break and continue later like on Peak Mountains or Storm Peaks. This will also allow you to redo all boss fights after completing the map for a nice challenge or coin farming. Who knows, maybe you are up for a boss-rush 😉.

This mod is included in the "SpellForce 3 - Universal Reforced Content Patch" (1.4).
Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/spellforce- ... t-patch-10
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